Welcome our new SMM

I'd like to welcome Jessica Standring as the new Social Media Manager. With the recent changes and people moving around she has stepped up to fill the role, and I want to thank her for taking on this position.

A little about Jessica...

"Hail and greetings to my fellow members of the Asatru Community! For those of you who I have not been lucky enough to already meet please allow me to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Jessica Standring, I live in the United Kingdom and I will be working as your new Social Media Manager. This new position is one that I feel extremely fortunate to have been given and I look forward to working for an organization with such an exemplary reputation for pushing acceptance and equality within the Heathen community.

My own path in Heathenry began over 21 years ago and up until recently it has been a solo exploration of my own spirituality. However joining TAC has been an amazing experience and has allowed me to connect to like minded individuals. My sincerest hope is that through my involvement with the community that I will not only be able to further my own growth but to also help others to grow and learn through sharing the knowledge and skills I have acquired over the years. While I consider myself a perpetual student and never an expert I have more than two decades of experience in the spiritual and academic aspects of Nordic religion and history, nine years of herbal practice both medicinally and ritually and a solid foundation in the use of the runes.

Taking on the position of Social Media Manager is going to be an exciting and challenging experience that I am truly looking forward to. In my time with TAC thus far I have already met so many wonderful people and I cannot wait to meet the rest of you. My door is always open and I am always available to answer any questions, hear out any suggestions or if you simply need someone to speak to without judgement. Thank you all so much for this opportunity, I will do my best to make you all proud!"

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