• Leah Pelley

Welcome to our Deputy Director of Religious Affairs!


Please join me in welcoming and congratulating Sunshine Fowler into her well deserved position as the Deputy Director of Religious Affairs! Sunshine can be reached at:

From Sunshine:

"Hail Community!

I am a long time heathen and practicing priestess since the early 1990’s. My formal training was born out of the Ladywood tradition, in my ancestral lands of New Mexico, and the vibrant pagan community of the Southwest.

I now live in the Sierra foothills of California with my two teenage sons and run my own small town medical practice.

Reading runes, studying the Northern traditions, ecstatic dance, and being in nature are some of my favorite ways to enjoy my personal time.

Ever the curious student, I enjoy expanding my skills in seidr journey work, lots of reading, and developing my relationships with the Gods, ancestors, and landvættir.

I support building Frith within our varied inclusive heathen communities and am honored to be a part of TAC as it takes this vision forward!

Wunjo! Skål!"

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