• Leah Pelley

Welcome to our Deputy Director of the Ambassador Program!


Please join me in welcoming and congratulating John Snow into his well deserved position as the Deputy Director of the Ambassador Program! John can be reached at:

From John:

“Hello everyone! I’m honored to be able to serve you all as your new Deputy Director of the Ambassador Program. I just want to say that my door is always open. You can contact me via any means (Discord, FB, TAC email, personal email, etc) for any reason. I understand that there has been a high rate of turnover within the Ambassador Program and within TAC; I also understand how that can shake confidence. I want you all to know that I will work with Jessica and the other leadership to help provide you with more stability moving forward.

Please let me know if you have any concerns, questions, advice, etc. I’m always open to new ideas, that’s the only way we move forward. Stagnation is the enemy of progress. Thank you all again. Let’s make TAC a positive Force for Change in the greater Asatru and Pagan communities, together.”

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