Welcome to our new Ambassador, Jeremy!

Hail TAC,

We would like to welcome Jeremy Onishea as our newest Ambassador for the Northern States East region! Here's a little bit about Jeremy.

"Hail to the Gods and hail to the TAC community! My name is Jeremy Onishea Sr. I have been a heathen most of my life and have been studying the Asatru path specifically for nearly 6 years. I am a collector of information. I love learning as well as also teaching all that I have learned. I love working with my hands and teaching my son all of the skills my father passed on to me. Being an empath, I am very good at understanding the minds of those around me.

I have a passion for mental health awareness and assistance. The main reason I joined TAC was the fact that we accept and help EVERYONE who wishes to learn about Asatru. I became an ambassador to help people learn our ways without fear of judgement or hate, as well as to learn and collect as much information as i can. My end goal is to complete the clergy training program. I am a firm supporter of Declaration 127."

Welcome Jeremy!

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