• Leah Pelley

Welcome to the new Deputy Director of the Ambassador Program!

"Hail TAC Community,

My name is Ryan Gautreau, a lot of you might have seen my name pop-up on the TAC social media platforms. Well this is because I currently volunteer for the Social Media Team, as admin for both discord and the TAC Charter Club FB group. This is not the only thing I volunteer for with TAC, I am also an Ambassador for TAC Canada. Eh! You guessed it! Born and raised in Canada, Ontario, but my grandmother was born in Scotland then immigrated to Canada, a while back. I have been honored to be asked to fill in the role for DDoAP (Deputy Director of the Ambassador Program), that being said I will take this role with the utmost dedication and professionalism to assist the DoAP as well as the Ambassadors in all their endeavors. To the TAC Ambassadors and community, don’t be shy to email me at if you have any questions, concerns or seeking further information about the Ambassador Program. Not only am I open for emails about the AP but open to all questions from anyone in the community so email me freely, if myself cannot answer your questions then surely I can lead you to someone who can."

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