Welcome to the new Director of Military Affairs.

Good day everyone,

I'd like to announce that Chris Ray has been chosen as the Communities new Director of Military Affairs. I'd like to welcome Chris into his new role and look forward to the work he'll be doing as a member of the board.

Congratulations Chris.

-AJ, Interim Director of Public Relations.

About Chris:

"Hail and good day to you all! My name is Chris Ray, I’m 38 married father of 3. I just retired from 20 total years of service, 14 Army, and 6 years in the Navy, so I consider myself more Soldier than Sailor! I currently reside in Clarksville Tennessee right outside of Fort Campbell where I spent the majority of my youth and a full third of my military career. I just moved back in July and as I'm getting settled in, I am working on becoming a DRGL for the Phoenix Rising Open Circle on base, and am working on becoming the Council Chaplain for the local Scouts BSA. I previously re-started the Fort Lee Open Circle which is still going strong in my absence. I was raised in a military family and understand both sides of the conversation when discussing deployments and military family life, both from the dependent and the servicemember's purview. I have an intricate knowledge of the Chaplains Corps and how they do business. I was one of the first to request and receive a Religious Accommodation (RA) for the wear of a beard under the Asatru religious preference and I have been helping service members from multiple branches for a great variety of faith backgrounds with their RAs as well.

I would love to see TAC become a recognized ecclesiastical authority on the list for the DOD thus allowing for a Norse Pagan Chaplain to enter service! This would be a huge step forward for not just our fellow Asatru servicemembers but the Pagan community as a whole. The next thing that I would like to see is an Asatru point of contact on every military installation and aboard every vessel in the fleet, ultimately leading to something akin to a "Hof" so that our followers can have a place to gather in Frith & Faith, as well as seek counsel from someone ordained through our CTP should they require that in their lives! There are several well-established services on a few bases that have followers in the hundreds, and as the DOMA I would like them to continue to receive all the support TAC can muster and bring to bear for them. This is truly a position of service for those serving our country. As TAC is an international organization I would love to work with our Allied services and assist them as well. This is but a small aspect of what I would like to help TAC achieve as it grows and develops into a more important and influential organization for our military members."

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