North Pacific

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John Snow
Director of Religious Affairs

Everett, Washington

“John is a Culinary Specialist First Class in the United States Navy. He was brought up in a very religious household within the Church of Christ denomination, but began to question doctrine very early on. In 2006, he officially dedicated himself to the Old Ways and tried to gain as much knowledge of the history and modern interpretations of Paganism and Pagan society. In 2010, John joined the Navy to originally be a CTI (linguist). In 2012, he became an Interfaith Minister and (later that year) began to study the more Nordic branches of Paganism alongside his Roman studies. In 2018, John first joined the Troth and in early 2019, John joined The Asatru Community.


He has gone through the TAC’s Clergy Training Program to earn his Goði certification, and he is a TAC Military Ambassador.


John is currently stationed in Everett, WA with his husband and son.”


Taylor Bennett-Wiens

Newport, OR

Hello! My name is Taylor and I'm 23 years old and located in the beautiful west coast of Oregon. I was born and raised here and told my best friend, and very supportive boyfriend, that I want to spend the rest of my life here. I'm a mother to 2 wonderful sons, and actually another wonderful son that I needed to put up for adoption. With that said, I'm very open with my history and a huge advocate for mental health and victims of all forms of abuse. Some people refer to me as an "old soul". I was a medical assistant for the last 3 years, and am currently a stay at home mom and student to become a nurse. Due to my history, I'm working towards becoming a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with a holistic specialty. My goal in life is to take care of other people and help them find their true selves in order to live happy lives. During this journey is how I discovered Asatru. Like many, I was raised in a Christian home, but never felt like I could measure up and no matter how hard I tried, I wasn't going to end up with the rest of my family. I was volunteering at a pow wow one year and something about the drumming was exciting. I tell people "it's like I could feel it in my soul," which prompted me to do some research and, yes, ancestry testing. My results felt comforting. I studied and discovered magic, druids, and my truth path with Norse Paganism. I finally found where I belonged. That's my goal here as an ambassador. To help others find where they are meant to belong and give them a sense of community and togetherness. I've been a TAC member for almost a year, with that I've practiced runes, seidr, and herb magic. Though I have practiced general energy work for a couple of years. I run a meet up group called "West Coast Pagans/Witches" to help connect with others, as I host feasts about every other month, and I'm excited to share that with you guys! I have a broad range of interests from video games, to laughing at memes, to hiking, to sleeping in bed all day, to art, the possibilities are endless! I'm very friendly and outgoing and can talk a lot, so don't hesitate to get in touch with me! I’m very excited to start this new journey, connect with each other, and help change lives! Skål!