North Pacific

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Geurin Greene

Lead Ambassador


Newport, Oregon.

Hail my brothers and sisters! My name is Geurin Greene, but I like to go by Gaia. I'm lucky enough to live on the beautiful Oregon Coast, where I am a teacher in a Pagan teaching circle. I am the Asatru and group baking/crafts specialist. I've been studying and following the Asatru faith for around 10 years. I've never felt so whole in my entire life as how I feel when I'm able to serve our Gods and help others. I was honored to be accepted into this role by such an amazing community that over the years I have grown to absolutely adore and admire. In my mundane life, I am a medical student, and also work in a whimsical hotel.

I'm a flora and fauna lover and enjoy disappearing into nature to meditate and spend time communicating with the Gods. I'm also an avid reader and gamer. I want to invite each of you to reach out to me if you ever have any questions, need a shoulder or a new friend, my door, ears, and shoulder are always open.

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Joe Price

Naches, WA.

My name is Joe, I live in Naches  Washington on the foothills of the cascades. I've been married for 25 years and have four amazing children. I was born and raised in northeast Oklahoma and served four years with the U.S. Army.  I've been on this amazing path for years and glad I found a home with TAC.  I'm looking forward to seeing other members and working together to further our education and faith.

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Amber Root

Randall, Washington.

I am a wife, mother, and farmer that lives in the Cascades of WA. I am the Gythja of the Open heart Family Kindred and have been a practicing Heathen for seven years and enjoy studying and learning about my faith.


Tori Grey

Sammamish, WA.

   My name is Victoria, I usually go by Tori but I accept anything other than Vicky. I find it weird how we all say that Ásatrú called to us but I am finding it hard to describe it differently. I am a practicing heathen with a focus on practicality in my devotion and an intense interest in its academic aspects. Particularly around Runes. I am always up for a conversation where I can learn more.
   As an Ambassador I have my sights set on connecting fellow Ásatrúar in my region and, in time, finding or founding a Kindred.

Skål and Hail the Gods & Goddesses!

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