North Central

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Jeddar Felix

High Drighton

Dallas, Texas.

Hail and well met, friends and kinsmen! My name is Patrick, also I am known as Jeddar Felix in many online circles. I’m located here in Texas and been into the Heathen faith for almost a year, though the Gods have followed and watched over me most of my life.


My initial schooling was in IT support, moving then into Classic French cuisine preparation as I made attempts to be a chef and have now settled into Business Insurance processing. 
My interests lie in woodworking, leathercraft, mead and wine brewing, as well as most things pertaining to geekery. 

My most recent project is the podcast “The Asatruman Show." Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a question or concern!

Saga Er.png

 Saga Erickson 


Hurley, Wisconsin.

Hail TAC community! I'm Saga Erickson, new Lead Ambassador for North Central. I am honored to find myself in such good company. 

I am a Heathen Hedgewitch. My husband, Dan Roesinger and I are artists and run our business, Stark Raven Studios,  just outside of Hurley, Wisconsin. We live within walking distance of Upper Peninsula of Michigan and are only twenty minutes from Lake Superior. Where we are living our own experiment in sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. I have two adult daughters and a four grandchildren. 
My trek down the Pagan path started with Wicca in 1989. In 1992, I came across the Runes and my life was forever changed... From a word to a word, I was led to a word...from a deed to the next deed. By 1993, I was immersed in everything Norse!!! I've always been fascinated by folklore and the Eddas and Sagas are an endless font of learning. In that same time period, I started an eclectic coven. The coven lasted for thirteen years before I retired from it to pursue activities, in the company of my now husband, with the Northwoods Pagans of Rhinelander Wisconsin and Deeply Rooted Church (an intentional pagan community) in Athens, Wisconsin. Where we put together both ADF style rituals and Heathen blots for several years. I served on the board of Deeply Rooted as secretary for two terms. 

In 2009 we ventured into more strictly Heathen events for a few years, got to know a few Midwest kindreds and were acknowledged as a Heathen hearth (we call our Hearth HrafnaBrunr). 
In 2013, I fell out of circulation at public events as a MS diagnosis knocked me out of the game for a bit. But, have held some small blots for close friends at my home. My condition is more manageable in the past two years, so, in that time I've become a TAC charter member, am involved in several pagan FB groups and started a group called The Northern Lights Collective. The Northern Lights Collective is a Universalist group intent on building both a local and extended community from multiple belief systems. 
I'm continually studying the Runes, Norse and Celtic lore, practice Seidhr, have earned my Reiki master initiation and am in Volva training with Kurt Hoogstradt.. I'm looking forward to serving the TAC community.


Corrinne A Hellmund

Kettering, OH.

Hail! My name is Corrinne Hellmund and I live in Dayton, OH. I am 31 years old and I have been studying Asatru for as long as I can remember, starting with Loki when I was 14, but have been actively practicing for going on 8 years now. My patron God is Odin, and I follow Tyr and Heimdall as well. Do I have a patron Goddess? That's a work in progress! I feel drawn to Jord, Skadi, Ran, and Frigg, but have not worked with any of them.


I have 2 children - a 4 year old son and a 9 year old daughter. I've been married for 10 years, and with my husband for 14 (we started dating in Junior year of High School and the rest is history!) We have a fantastic marriage, and I am very blessed to have him as my husband and the father of our children. I have a Maltese named Piko, and he is THE best dog! I have a degree in Geology, and work as a Substitute Teacher for now. My dream job is to be Smokey The Bear, no joke! My favorite thing in the world is Hiking, and I do about 25 to 30 miles a week on the trails. You can always find me in the woods filling my pockets (and my rucksack) with rocks.


I enjoy camping, kayaking, and biking, and I am a Girl Scout Volunteer for my daughters troop, and a lifelong Girl Scout. I joined the military in October of last year at 30 years old and completed BCT and AIT at Fort Leonard Wood in the middle of winter (Skadi was definitely with me there as I froze my butt off!). I wanted a challenge, and to do something I never had done before in order to honor the Gods, particularly Odin, and make myself a physically and emotionally stronger person, as well as serve my country and provide for my family, and be a role model for the students I teach. The first thing I said when enlisting was, "I want these kids to know its is never to late to change your path, never too late to reach for the stars, and you'll never be too old to make the world a better place." I might be 31 now, but I wanted them to know age is not an excuse to deter you from anything you aspire to be. That being said, neither is weight! I used to weigh 191 pounds, and lost 40 pounds in 4 months to enlist, and now I am healthier than I have ever been! I pushed myself above and beyond my limits, and I'm so proud of myself for doing so! If you need weight loss inspiration, tips, or someone to encourage you, I am totally here for that!  


I am a Specialist in the Ohio Army National Guard as a CBRN (74D) and I am coming up on my 1 year! I am young at heart, proudly nerdy, a bit MAJORLY obsessed with Tolkien/Lord of the Rings, I play Dungeons and Dragons, and sometimes think I have too many dreams for as short as life is, but I know the Gods are with me. I am here to be your extroverted-introvert, nerdy, energetic, ambassador, and hike the path of Asatru with you. Hopefully with caffeine, some Heathen music, zero humidity, and lots of laughing until we cry. Skal! :)

Spike Wheeler.jpeg

Spike Wheeler

Surrey, ND.

My name is Spike from North Dakota. I'm married, 35 years old, and a father of two beautiful little girls ages 10 and 6. I was Active Duty Air Force for 12 years when I was lucky enough to get an Active Guard slot that I have been enjoying for the last 5 1/2 years. I have four deployments, to include a combat deployment in Iraq, under my belt and hoping for another before I retire. I was raised in a Catholic home but never really felt that was the right fit for me. I always felt pulled towards the Gods and Goddesses, but it wasn’t until three years ago I actually started following them.
I look forward to meeting y’all and growing together. If you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods, feel free to reach out. If I’m not out in the missile field, we’ll get together and share some homemade mead.


Michael D Shell

Anderson, Indiana

Hail TAC family! My name is Mike Shell.
I am 41 years old and live in Anderson Indiana.
I am a licensed professional Tattoo artist of 11yrs, where I am 1/3 owner and partner. I, like many of us, started out raised in a Christian home. I had a calling to Asatru/Heathenry, in 2017 after an accident that left me hopeless. I heard Odins call to me loudly. From there, I began my journey learning of this path. I had been practicing on my own for 2 years before I found this amazing community. Since, I have learned much and wish to learn more together. I know and feel that there are many more lost heathens who feel alone. I wish to help find them.
I am looking forward to meeting many more of you, and to continue growing and learning together as a strong community.


Christopher Bailey

Portland, MI.

My name is Chris, i will be your new ambassador in the North Central region. I am a gamer, and a computer nerd. I am in the Lansing/michigan area, I have been in the Asatru Community for a about a year now, I have been studying and practicing solo for several years before then.
Hope to be able to serve the community and make it a better place.

Sanford Kauffman.jpg

Sanford Kauffman

Lead Ambassador



I was raised in a Mennonite home. I was baptized at age 12 then excommunicated when I joined the military. I attended bible college and seminary with the intention of becoming an evangelical pastor. 
The first call of Tyr came to me when I was young but I didn’t understand what it was. I quashed it as evil because of the teachings i had received as a child. While I was in seminary I began to realize Christianity wasn’t for me, I became more and more attracted to the gods and goddesses.


After four years of studying the Eddas, Havamal, and other readings I finally gained the courage to shed the dogma ingrained within me and answer the call. Encounters with Odinists and the like almost made me despair before stumbling upon The Asatru Community on Facebook.  
I look forward to serving Southwest Wisconsin as a TAC Ambassador. I’m excited about representing Asatru and TAC to this area and about the opportunities that we have here.  

Finnigan Drubin.jpg

Finnigan Drubin

Military Ambassador


Millington, Michigan

I grew up in the small village I call home in Tuscola county Michigan. I first heard the call of Odin a long time ago when I was in middle school. Ever sence I have devoted myself to Odin and the runes. I later started to work as my local heathen community's Gothi and a teacher of the old ways to those willing to listen. I can't wait to help more people find their path in life as an Ambassador for the Asatru Community! 

Derrick Welcher_edited.jpg

Derrick Welcher

Des Moines, Iowa.

Hello. I am Derrick Welcher from Des Moines, Iowa. I am married to an amazing woman by the Name of Connie, and together we have five boys. I was initially raised as Pentecostal, but I had it out with the church based on the fact that the preacher told me the relationship I was in was wrong because apples and oranges don't mix.
From there I joined the Church of Satan (I do like my extremes) where I was a grotto master for a few years before realizing that was not where I belonged. Feeling a strong pull towards the Norse faith I followed the path that was most common in Sacramento, California, and became a Wiccan. After many years I became a third level initiate and was granted the ability to begin my own coven. Even though my faith in the Norse Gods was true I knew that path was not. Eventually I came across a friend in Des Moines that was a Heathen and I was finally feeling like I found my right path.  Baldr, my patron deity and God of Light, brought me home to where I have been happy in my faith ever since. You may think He is a dead deity, but I will show you He is very much alive.
I look forward to serving my community as Ambassador to North Central and appreciate the chance I have been given. May the Gods bless you and keep you. SKAL!


Cori Nichols

Ironwood, MI.

I have been pagan for about 20 years. I have been studying druid teachings for about 3 years and found Asatru through a wonderful soul sister.

Alexander ‘Das Ulf’


Lansing, Michigan

Alexander ‘Das Ulf’ Rheuark has been a heathen since the year 2000 when he first discovered the runes. Born and raised in California in a Christian home, he was mostly solitary on his path until about five years ago when he discovered TAC.


Since then he has been working to serve the community as an ambassador and is undertaking gothi training to fur- ther serve. Recently he moved from California to Lansing, Michigan and is continuing to practice his faith and serve his community.

Terry Doner.jpg

Terry Doner

Forest Park, Illinois

Hail and well meet.  I am 58 years old, veteran, and married for 31 years to the love of my life.  I have been on this path of learning for a year and a half and a member of TAC for almost a full year.  I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible and forging some great memories. 


Heather J Knowles

Woodbury, MN.

Like most, I was raised Christian in the United Church of Canada, but after going through confirmation, my beliefs waned dramatically. My parents let me chose from that point to continue or leave, which I did. I always believed there was something else out there. I grew up with the stories of the Norse and Scots/Celts thanks to my grandparents and always had an interest in occultism/witchcraft (what 90s teen girl didn't after the Craft came out?!). I started learning more about wiccan practices, but after some serious health scares in the early 2010s, I finally heard and recognized the call from Thor and my foray into heathenry solidly took off around 2013. I started out as a solitary, living in the rural bible belt of south Arkansas, but after moving to the Carolinas and being introduced to TAC and learning so much from the ambassadors and leaders there, I felt prepared to take on my own ambassador role now that I'm settled in the Twin Cities. I hope to help bring together Minnesota and west central Wisconsin Heathens to engage, learn, and have fun.

eric s.jpg

Eric R Schoff

West Lafayette, Indiana.

Hello, I am Eric Schoff, I am 42 years old and I'm married to my college sweetheart, Vanessa, and we have 4 wonderful children each having some form of special need. I have a small zoo of animals at home that consists of one dog, two cats, four rats, and five fish. I have been a pagan since age 12 and a heathen the last 20 years. I have been with TAC roughly 3 years now. I am a veteran of U.S. Active Army Chemical Corp and paratrooper. I have a bachelor’s degree in business management specializing in human resources. I spend most of my free time doing game related hobbies, such as building models, playing board games especially Risk, and video games. My gamer tag is urlycan on most systems. However, the kids are mostly on my PlayStation account due to Fortnite. I have volunteered with several organizations throughout the years. I have been in a trustee position for three years for an fraternal organization I am in, and H.R./membership due collector for five years for a social club I was in years ago.


Kendall E Nobles

Leesville, Louisiana.

My name is Kendall Nobles, I'm 28 years old, I have served in the U.S. Army for 10 years. While I was deployed overseas I really got into my heathen faith and shortly after returning home I found TAC!