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North Central

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Aubrey Martin
Regional lead ambassador

Hail! My name is Aubrey and I am your new Lead Regional Ambassador. A little about me, I have been on the path of paganism for about 4 years, 2 years of those being Heathen. While I am still a young Heathen I hope to live up to all your standards! I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and and Associate's in English Studies and would like to go back for my Master's in Counseling soon. My goal in life is to help others. I am currently a lunch lady in Ohio, so I do get to help children stay fed which is fulfilling for now. I live with my fiancé and Maine Coon cats, Luke and Leia. I love reading, knitting, video games, journaling, writing, witchy stuff, and working for TAC! I hope to get to know you all better and I hope to be a great ambassador for the Northern Central region. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Isaac Brink.JPG

Isaac Brink


My name is Isaac.  I'm a parent to three kids and also have three cats.  I'm originally from the Duluth area and moved to the Iron Range in 2017.  I'll admit I miss my hometown a lot; there's so much more to do back home!

I was raised under no religion and was allowed to find religion on my own.  My mother was raised Catholic without the choice, so she wanted to leave the choice to her kids.  I tried Christianity for awhile but eventually fell from it before being introduced to Wicca.  From there I found Asatru but never labeled myself as a heathen for many years, not until relatively recently actually.

I'm non binary (they/them) and ace and came out in October 2020.  I always knew, but I was honestly scared about saying it aloud.  I'm so glad I did though!

I noticed TAC didn't have a Minnesota ambassador, but I hope to do well in this role.  I realize I'm from the north (the coldest part of the state) but I hope we can still meetup sometime!  I'll do my best with whatever you need.

If you can't find me on Discord, I'm spending time with my family, streaming on Twitch, or of course sleeping.  I also have a podcast which I've had a lot of fun doing for the most part, but that's not scheduled.  That said, I'm almost always available!  I'll respond to all Facebook and Discord messages.

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