North Central

Saga Erickson.jpg

 Saga Erickson 

Lead Ambassador


Hurley, Wisconsin.

Hail TAC community! I'm Saga Erickson, new Lead Ambassador for North Central. I am honored to find myself in such good company. 
I am a Heathen Hedgewitch. My husband, Dan Roesinger and I are artists and run our business, Stark Raven Studios,  just outside of Hurley, Wisconsin. We live within walking distance of Upper Peninsula of Michigan and are only twenty minutes from Lake Superior. Where we are living our own experiment in sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. I have two adult daughters and a four grandchildren. 
My trek down the Pagan path started with Wicca in 1989. In 1992, I came across the Runes and my life was forever changed... From a word to a word, I was led to a word...from a deed to the next deed. By 1993, I was immersed in everything Norse!!! I've always been fascinated by folklore and the Eddas and Sagas are an endless font of learning. In that same time period, I started an eclectic coven. The coven lasted for thirteen years before I retired from it to pursue activities, in the company of my now husband, with the Northwoods Pagans of Rhinelander Wisconsin and Deeply Rooted Church (an intentional pagan community) in Athens, Wisconsin. Where we put together both ADF style rituals and Heathen blots for several years. I served on the board of Deeply Rooted as secretary for two terms. 
In 2009 we ventured into more strictly Heathen events for a few years, got to know a few Midwest kindreds and were acknowledged as a Heathen hearth (we call our Hearth HrafnaBrunr). 
In 2013, I fell out of circulation at public events as a MS diagnosis knocked me out of the game for a bit. But, have held some small blots for close friends at my home. My condition is more manageable in the past two years, so, in that time I've become a TAC charter member, am involved in several pagan FB groups and started a group called The Northern Lights Collective. The Northern Lights Collective is a Universalist group intent on building both a local and extended community from multiple belief systems. 
I'm continually studying the Runes, Norse and Celtic lore, practice Seidhr, have earned my Reiki master initiation and am in Volva training with Kurt Hoogstradt.. I'm looking forward to serving the TAC community.

Angela Hernandez.jpg

Ang Hernandez

Gays, Illinois.

Hello! My name is Ang and I live in Central Illinois with my wonderful spouse,Joe. We have 2 grown children and 3 beautiful grandchildren.  We live on a lake, and enjoy the daily blessing of lake life!
My spouse and i have been members of various pagan organizations over the years, and I have been a Gothia with legal ordination now since 2007.  Very excited to work with TAC!

Spike Wheeler

Surrey, ND.

My name is Spike from North Dakota. I'm married, 35 years old, and a father of two beautiful little girls ages 10 and 6. I was Active Duty Air Force for 12 years when I was lucky enough to get an Active Guard slot that I have been enjoying for the last 5 1/2 years. I have four deployments, to include a combat deployment in Iraq, under my belt and hoping for another before I retire. I was raised in a Catholic home but never really felt that was the right fit for me. I always felt pulled towards the Gods and Goddesses, but it wasn’t until three years ago I actually started following them.
I look forward to meeting y’all and growing together. If you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods, feel free to reach out. If I’m not out in the missile field, we’ll get together and share some homemade mead.

Sanford Kauffman.jpg

Sanford Kauffman



I was raised in a Mennonite home. I was baptized at age 12 then excommunicated when I joined the military. I attended bible college and seminary with the intention of becoming an evangelical pastor. 
The first call of Tyr came to me when I was young but I didn’t understand what it was. I quashed it as evil because of the teachings i had received as a child. While I was in seminary I began to realize Christianity wasn’t for me, I became more and more attracted to the gods and goddesses. After four years of studying the Eddas, Havamal, and other readings I finally gained the courage to shed the dogma ingrained within me and answer the call. Encounters with Odinists and the like almost made me despair before stumbling upon The Asatru Community on Facebook.  
I look forward to serving Southwest Wisconsin as a TAC Ambassador. I’m excited about representing Asatru and TAC to this area and about the opportunities that we have here.  

Finnigan Drubin.jpg

Finnigan Drubin

Military Ambassador


Millington, Michigan

I grew up in the small village I call home in Tuscola county Michigan. I first heard the call of Odin a long time ago when I was in middle school. Ever sence I have devoted myself to Odin and the runes. I later started to work as my local heathen community's Gothi and a teacher of the old ways to those willing to listen. I can't wait to help more people find their path in life as an Ambassador for the Asatru Community! 

Derrick Welcher_edited.jpg

Derrick Welcher

Des Moines, Iowa.

Hello. I am Derrick Welcher from Des Moines, Iowa. I am married to an amazing woman by the Name of Connie, and together we have five boys. I was initially raised as Pentecostal, but I had it out with the church based on the fact that the preacher told me the relationship I was in was wrong because apples and oranges don't mix.
From there I joined the Church of Satan (I do like my extremes) where I was a grotto master for a few years before realizing that was not where I belonged. Feeling a strong pull towards the Norse faith I followed the path that was most common in Sacramento, California, and became a Wiccan. After many years I became a third level initiate and was granted the ability to begin my own coven. Even though my faith in the Norse Gods was true I knew that path was not. Eventually I came across a friend in Des Moines that was a Heathen and I was finally feeling like I found my right path.  Baldr, my patron deity and God of Light, brought me home to where I have been happy in my faith ever since. You may think He is a dead deity, but I will show you He is very much alive.
I look forward to serving my community as Ambassador to North Central and appreciate the chance I have been given. May the Gods bless you and keep you. SKAL!

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