TAC Rocky Mountains


Victoria Beplay
Colorado Springs, CO.

Hail! I'm Victoria Beplay and I live in Colorado Springs, CO. My whole family is technically from Louisiana but I grew up with an active duty USAF father; thankfully we were able to settle in Colorado when I was six and we haven't left since! I also grew up Missouri Synod Lutheran but my entire immediate family and I left when I was a teenager. I've since been a practicing witch and Pagan for over seven years, and I've also been a Druid-in-training through the AODA and ADF for over a year and a half now.

I consider myself a syncretic Norse and Gaulish Polytheist and am devoted to Freyja and Carnonos (Cernunnos). My fiancé is also a member of TAC and an Asatruar devoted to Njord. We both enjoy gaming (video and tabletop), cosplay, and hiking; and I also periodically take part in the barbershop chorus my fiancé's family has been a part of for multiple generations!

I look forward to serving Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region as a TAC Ambassador and helping to guide and create opportunities for everyone to come together!