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Kyle Reid

Regional Lead

Nampa, Idaho

Odin is my patron, Freyja is my Matron. I work with the runes, do sigil & healing magic. I am the Gothi of WOTANS Wolves my personal kindered. As soon as we get big enough the plan is to be a TAC kindered. Myself & 1 other person are TAC charter members. I'm currently working with the people that are not TAC members to become TAC members.

Scott Dixon

Kuna, Idaho

Hail and Hello-
My name is Scott Dixon. I live in Kuna, Idaho and have been dabbling in various pagan paths for over 20 years, and specifically Norse Heathenism for over a decade. My introduction to Asatru was with the Troth website, and my path has evolved into a more modern, eclectic, 21st century viewpoint of the Gods and Goddesses. I was drawn to the very open, universalist feel of TAC and its members, and have been a charter member for the last two years. As well as becoming a TAC Ambassador, it is a goal to go thru the TAC clergy training program and become an ordained Gothi.
Career wise I have been in the electrical industry for 30 years. I just recently became a certified health coach and hope to have a shift in career paths to the health and wellness industry. I am also a Navy veteran and do what I can to support other vets and those still serving. I also strive to follow the Bushido code of my martial arts training, which mirrors the NNV.
I look forward to representing TAC in the local pagan community, to gather with other locals of like mindset for events and community, and represent the Asatru path to others with honor, openness and respect.

Eliza Miller

Coeur d'Alene, ID

Hello my name is Elizabeth, feel free to call me Eliza. I am 22 years old and have been a follower of the old ways for 6 years now. I'm a pretty open book so feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them.

Caleb Stollemyre

Glendale, Arizona

My name is Caleb I have been studying asatru for about a year and heathenry as a whole for about 3 years. I am a member of the us military. I love to learn new things and meet new people

Chris Ways

Peoria, Arizona

Hail! I'm Christopher, but go by Chris, from Peoria, Arizona. My spiritual journey has been a long one. I grew up Catholic and went to church every week with my Dad. Then in high school I really started to branch out and learn of different faiths. I started my pagan walk after college, but was still searching for more. Then three years ago a friend told me about the Asatru path and it was like a homecoming. I have been fully practicing for close to 2 years now. Being part of the LGBT community, it was hard finding my spiritual home where I felt included, but when I found and learned about the Asatru religion, everything settled for me. I am still learning and hope to learn with and from others. I look forward to meeting you and learning together.

Lise Christopherson


Pueblo, Colorado

Hello, I’m Lise Christofferson and I am a Gythia ordained by the Asatru Community. I live in Pueblo, Colorado, and you can reach me through TAC or through my page on Witchvox.com. I preform weddings, funerals, handfastings, and age rituals such as naming ceremonies, first tooth, coming of age, saging and croning.

I believe in bringing the gods, goddesses, ancestors and spirits back into our celebrations and our spirituality into our daily lives. I regularly preform ritual and functions in my area and I am always reaching out to the greater Pagan community, as well.


I truly believe in the spiritual path of Asatru, and in TAC’s commitment to its growth through education and bringing people together. There is a place for everyone at the spiritual table of Asatru.

Jade Stark

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Hello, my name is Jade Stark. I am an Army veteran who deployed to Iraq while in the service. I currently reside in Cheyenne Wyoming and have been here for about five years and hope to continue to serve this community for some time. I am married to a beautiful woman who I can’t imagen life without. We raised one child who is currently grown and out of the house living her own life. I came out as Transgender in November of 2018 my journey has been bumpy but rewarding as I have discovered my more authentic self while growing closer to the heathen goddesses.
I began my religious journey at the young age of 12, starting with Buddhism, advancing to more of my ancestry in the Native American traditions, exploring Paganism, while following the pagan path nothing spoke more to me than Asatru. 
My goal for the area is to build a lasting community that will grow into a friendly and welcoming place to be. Where everyone can feel comfortable and safe with wherever they are in their spiritual journey and personal expression regarding to gender identity or sexual orientation as all are equal in the eyes of our gods and goddesses. (Remember kids even Odin lived as a woman for a time.)

Chris Claus

Billings, MT

I'm Chris. I've been a heathen for over 10 years now, and a pagan for almost 20. I hope to build an inclusive Asatru community in my area, and will be following the path of the Clergy. I am always available if anyone wants to talk, or needs help.

Britney Longson

Tooele, Utah

My name is Britney and I am an ambassador for Utah in the Rocky Mountain region. I live in Tooele with my husband, daughter, and German shepherd, though I am a Texan transplant! We enjoy adventuring as a family via hiking and traveling, and telling stories about our deities around a fire.

I hope to be a great help and guide to all of those that wish it!

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