South Central

Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, & Alabama

Jeff Kimberlin

Regional Lead

Blue Springs, MO

Greetings my friends,

My name is Jeff Kimberlin. I have been married to my beautiful wife for almost a year now. I have two amazing children. My son being level 16 and my daughter still working through the tutorial at 9 months. We live in the Kansas City, Missouri area after transplanting from the Central Oregon area around 2 years ago.

I was never raised in any specific faith. I believe my mom was a closet witch and always told me that “When you find the path that is right for you, you will know”. My dad said that “God was an alien.” So needless to say, I was left to find my path openly and on my own. I found various practices throughout my years, but none ever felt like it was “who I was”. It wasn't until the loss of some very close family members that I started reading and learning more of the faith my ancestors practiced before them. And I just kept reading. And reading.

I have been a Heathen now for about 9 years, however, the last 7 or so, I feel have been my most committed. I have most recently enrolled in the TAC Clergy program and am excited to serve my community and fellow heathens not only locally but nationally as well. My calling to the program was not only to serve my community but help in some very specific ways. Once completed I want to work closely with those suffering losses and support fellow Asatruar families with funerals and help those who are in hospice and their families during those difficult moments when faith and support are needed most.

I look forward to working closely with my fellow TAC members to continue making this community one to be proud of. I will do my best to honor not only the Gods and my ancestors, but my fellow heathens and the community as well. If there is anything, I can do for anyone, please never hesitate to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you all.

Jeddar Felix

Dallas, Texas

Hail and well met, friends and kinsmen! My name is Patrick, also I am known as Jeddar Felix in many online circles. I’m located here in Texas and been into the Heathen faith for almost a year, though the Gods have followed and watched over me most of my life.


My initial schooling was in IT support, moving then into Classic French cuisine preparation as I made attempts to be a chef and have now settled into Business Insurance processing. 
My interests lie in woodworking, leathercraft, mead and wine brewing, as well as most things pertaining to geekery. 

My most recent project is the podcast “The Asatruman Show." Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a question or concern!

Rayma Homran

Houston, Texas

Hello! I'm Rayma aka "Bridey". I currently reside in Houston, Texas, but am originally from San Francisco, California. I'm happily married to my high school crush and favorite manbeast, Jay. Bonus mom to our boys Josh (18) and Zach (14).

I'm an ER nurse and a bit of an adrenaline junkie at work. I've been a nurse 17 years and can't imagine doing anything else... except maybe being independently wealthy and traveling for a living. Aside from the work I do to make a living, I spend a lot of my free time working as a community organizer and activist. My main focus is on reproductive justice and women's rights, but if it has to do with social justice, I'm involved in some way here in Texas. I'm a sassy, redheaded Scorpio and mostly use my powers for good. 

I've been walking my spiritual path since I was a teenager. My parents encouraged exploration and allowed me to define spirituality however I saw fit. I've been practicing for about 25 years. Leading ritual and teaching for about 16 years. I consider myself an eclectic witch with a heathen leaning. Brigid is my patroness, but I have a strong affinity for the Norse deities and work with them often, especially Thor and Freyja. I'm a healer, herbalist, forest wanderer, lover of runes, crystal hoarder and I feel deeply connected to seiđr and divination work.

I joined TAC in July 2018 and have met a lot of great folks. I decided to volunteer as an Ambassador here in Texas recently because it's a huge state and there aren't any in Houston! I love social gatherings, meeting new people and sharing knowledge. I look forward to growing and learning along side of all of you. Can't wait to serve TAC in this new way & to start connecting with other locals and TAC members throughout South Central region and beyond. 

Many blessings! Hail the Gods & Hail the dedicated members of TAC! 

Samantha Aaron

Bear Creek, AL

Hey! My name is Samantha Aaron. I’m a mother of 3 beautiful children and a devoted wife. My hobbies include crochet, knitting, sewing, and learning new skills. I’m an avid gardener and soon to be homesteader. Im looking forward to this adventure of being an ambassador for the south central region!  Like a few others I’ve never really found a religion that  clicked until I found asatru.

John Robinson

Lamar, Missouri

Hi. I am John Robinson from Missouri and I am a practicing Vitki. I assist in running a local Kindred. Nothing is more important then my chosen path as a Vitki and my family.

Jason Jones


Ponca City, OK

Hail TAC! I am honored to be an TAC Ambassador. I have been practicing Asatru for a year and half now, so in grand scheme of things I am still young in the faith.

I have been married to my wife 17yrs. We have four children ages 15, 13, 11, and 9. We are very involved in competitive cheerleading, theater, the Special Olympics, Cub Scouts, and martial arts. So we are very busy to say the least.

I am an Eagle Scout and proud be a member of TAC. I enjoy brewing mead and beer.

I look forward to serving as your South Central Ambassador here in Oklahoma!

Michael Smiley


Floresville, TX

I am a husband and a father. I own my own repo business and I have considered myself a pagan for going on 6 years now. Recently I have felt a calling for community in my faith, thus I sought out TAC and found a family. My hope is to help that family grow and prosper. Skal and blessings!!

Seth Carter

Military Ambassador

Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Heill ok sæll. My name is Seth. I have been practicing Heathenism for about 8 years now, and it wasn't until recently that I have made myself well known for it. It has always been a private matter to me. I have been in the infantry for 15 years now, with 5 deployments overseas. I have always lived a simplistic warrior's life. I am currently a Drill Sergeant at Fort Leonard Wood, in Missouri. In early February of this year the Norns put a choice in my path, to lead a Norse Pagan service on my instillation, or watch as inexperienced people give our religion a bad name. I chose to lead and have been leading the service ever since. That choice has brought me out of the shadows and I am thankful for it. I will continue to fight to bring our religion the honorable light that it deserves. I am married with 2 kids, a boy and a girl. I am currently in the CTP to become a Gothi and hopefully soon that will come to fruition. My beliefs when it comes to Heathenry is more traditional and I have an old ways mentality. I believe that actions speak louder than words and only the honorable will succeed. I thank TAC for the help that they have given over the last couple of months to make this a reality. 

Shari Theissen


Park City, Kansas

Hail, Sisters and Brothers!  I am Shari and I live in Newton, KS which is close to Wichita.  I’ve been a member of TAC for a few years now and have wanted a way to reach out in-person, but we’ve never had an ambassador in this area, so I decided it was up to me to step up.  
I currently work for CASA but just left teaching (high school math-I am a major math geek).  I am a runner and love being outdoors.  I was raised by a very Christian family (my dad is a retired pastor) but have questioned on and off throughout my life. About 7 or 8 years ago, I went on a very windy, twisting spiritual journey.  Asatru found me about 5 years ago when I was doing a prison visitation program.  The man I was visiting was raised Asatru and because I am also fascinated by the differing human belief systems, I picked his brain and studied a bit myself.  It called to me.  It took a couple years and some readjusting my way of thinking about religion to fully make the transition, but I remember the night I knew for sure this was my path.  It was the night I found out that the sun is a woman.  I have always been drawn to the sun and so Sol is my patroness.  Unfortunately, the man I was visiting practices a different type of heathenry, so I went online to search for what I now know to call a “universalist” group.  I found TAC and have been thankful ever since.  The things I most love about this path are the lack of dogma and the more solid sense of strength and self that I have acquired since beginning to walk this road.  
I am married to a very Christian man (he had a hard time with this for a while, now we just mainly don’t talk about it) and I have 3 children.  My 3 kids range from agnostic to atheist.  The youngest is 15 so they are all well old enough to make their own choices and do their own thinking which is what I always wanted anyway.  I am a staunch supporter of LGBTQ rights and I do Free Mom Hugs at Pride gatherings.  I am excited for this role and look forward to making real-world connections with fellow Asatruar.  Hail the gods and goddesses!

Buckley "Crow" Stevenson

Houston, Texas

Hello, I am Buckley "Crow" Stevenson. I was born and mostly raised in the slums of Houston, Texas. I consider myself a "Spiritual Scientist". As a child I read encyclopedias and dictionaries. It's not that I "love" learning, but It felt necessary to me. As my knowledge increased, so too did my questions. I bounced from religion to religion in search of something that made sense. Found myself in Buddhism. Never could settle in completely, so I just stopped searching for a bit. They say "Sometimes what you're looking for comes when you're not looking at all." I made a gamer tag one day, "2PurpleCrow", for what was going to be my gaming channel. Favorite number, color and animal. Someone mentioned how that reminds them of Odin's Ravens. Looked into that out of curiosity, and 2 DNA tests, and a family tree later, here I am! All those floating loose pieces suddenly fell into a place. The things I always wondered about myself started to make sense. Now, I want to make sure people know about the Gods. I am the go-to-guy for random facts and wise quotes. I feel closest to Odin and Kvasir. I wear my Hammer with pride every day. I leave you with this: Hail the gods! Hail your family! Hail the hell out of yourself though, because you deserve it! See you around, Brothers and Sisters.

Michael Stimatze

Imboden, Arkansas

Hail and well met! My name is Mike Stimatze. I have been married to my first wife (she doesn’t like when I say it like that) for 21 years. We met while I was stationed in Japan while serving in the US Navy. My mom asked me to bring something pretty home… I think she meant a nick knack for the shelf. We have three amazing children who are, thankfully, smarter than me. Two sons and one daughter.

I have been a solitary follower of the Heathen path since 2010 but I have been a pagan all 42 years of my life in this realm. It took me almost 30 years to understand that I was not a Christian, at least not in the conventional sense. I am a hard polytheist, though I am not very religious. I don’t get the dogma and structure of religion. I believe in the personal relationship between the individual and the Ancestors. My first real journey on a pagan path was along a Druid trail. Somewhere on that path I diverted onto the Northern European Traditions pathway. This led me to Asatru.

I cosplay as a maintenance mechanic for a living. I have done some form of HVAC/Refrigeration and Boilers since 1996 when I left the Navy. The maintenance mechanic is a new thing I am trying for a while. It pays the bills. For fun I enjoy being outside, with a fishing pole in the water feeding the fish, and a book in my hand. I try to use woodshop tools to build things, sometimes I am successful.
I was discouraged by the racism I found in the Heathen community. When I found TAC and read some of the stuff Seth Chagi posted I knew I had found my place. I have been a TAC member for a couple of years. I have received a lot from this community and I wanted to give back. Also, I want to see a real-life community grow out of this internet thing. So, I applied to be an ambassador. I will serve as best I can.

Arlis Aaron

Haleyville, Alabama

Hi my name is Arlis Aaron, I am from a small town in Northwest Alabama. I am a father of 3 (Peyton, Aiden, and Arabelle) I am a devoted husband and Heathen. I knew from an early age I didnt believe the same way as the majority of the people around me, but like most I didnt know where I fit in. In my 20's I spent the better part of 6 years as a correctional officer where i was introduced to the old ways. Since finding TAC my threshold for learning has skyrocketed, I absolutely cannot learn fast enough. This due to the knowledge within the community. It is my goal to become an asset to my region, this community, and the orginizarion so more people can be reached by TAC and introduced to our Gods. Hail the gods

Sterling Holliman

Pass Christian, MS

My name is Sterling Holliman. I have been practitioner of Asatru for a little over a decade. I live in south Mississippi. I'm United States Army veteran. When I found out there was no connections or networks for pagans of any type within the VA system down here. I went on a quest to find out how I could change that which led me to The Asatru Community and I have been a proud member of this community ever since. And hope that I can make a difference in the lives of both Asatruar and veterans. I have two children a boy and a girl and I know for a fact that they are blessings from the gods. Hail to Odin! Hail the Gods and Goddesses! Hail kinsman!

Dillon Borsh


Chandler, OK

Hail, My name is Dillon Borsh behind the wheel of my semi im known as Big Kountry, Im a Father of 3 boys 10, and 5 year old twins, and married for 11 years, My path started roughly 15 years ago, ive learned a lot and continue to learn everyday. Im excited to see what the future holds.   You can always come to me for anything, either I can tell you or point you in the right direction. again I am glad to be here.

Justin Myers

Frierson, LA

Hail brothers and sisters!! I live in the north-west part of Louisiana. I am proud to be a member and ambassador for TAC. My goal is to continue my journey for knowledge and to aid others along the way. My the gods and goddesses guide you down your path. My your ancestors show pride for who you are and will be!

Casey "Beast" Clark



Branson, Mo

Skål and greetings! I am the Director of the Ambassador Program, an ordained Goði, and the Ambassador for southern Missouri!

Father of four wonderful kids, husband to an awesome redhead, and owner of Beast's Curiosities!

Matthew Montaleone

Dunnegan, Mo

Hail to all, My names Matthew "Monty" Montaleone. Father to a farel 4 year old boy. I'm a homesteader and bushcrafter. Mixed into my outdoor hobbies I'm also a nerd and a gamer. I love seeking knowledge. I am also a firefighter/EMT.
I live in the area of Bolivar, Missouri about an hour north of Springfield.
I'm looking forward to growing and improving the community as your ambassador.

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