South Central

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Jeddar Felix

High Drighton

Dallas, Texas.

Hail and well met, friends and kinsmen! My name is Patrick, also I am known as Jeddar Felix in many online circles. I’m located here in Texas and been into the Heathen faith for almost a year, though the Gods have followed and watched over me most of my life.


My initial schooling was in IT support, moving then into Classic French cuisine preparation as I made attempts to be a chef and have now settled into Business Insurance processing. 
My interests lie in woodworking, leathercraft, mead and wine brewing, as well as most things pertaining to geekery. 

My most recent project is the podcast “The Asatruman Show." Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a question or concern!

Rayma Horman

Hello! I'm Rayma aka "Bridey". I currently reside in Houston, Texas, but am originally from San Francisco, California. I'm happily married to my high school crush and favorite manbeast, Jay. Bonus mom to our boys Josh (18) and Zach (14). I'm an ER nurse and a bit of an adrenaline junkie at work. I've been a nurse 17 years and can't imagine doing anything else... except maybe being independently wealthy and traveling for a living. Aside from the work I do to make a living, I spend a lot of my free time working as a community organizer and activist. My main focus is on reproductive justice and women's rights, but if it has to do with social justice, I'm involved in some way here in Texas. I'm a sassy, redheaded Scorpio and mostly use my powers for good. I've been walking my spiritual path since I was a teenager. My parents encouraged exploration and allowed me to define spirituality however I saw fit. I've been practicing for about 25 years. Leading ritual and teaching for about 16 years. I consider myself an eclectic witch with a heathen leaning. Brigid is my patroness, but I have a strong affinity for the Norse deities and work with them often, especially Thor and Freyja. I'm a healer, herbalist, forest wanderer, lover of runes, crystal hoarder and I feel deeply connected to seiđr and divination work. I joined TAC in July 2018 and have met a lot of great folks. I decided to volunteer as an Ambassador here in Texas recently because it's a huge state and there aren't any in Houston! I love social gatherings, meeting new people and sharing knowledge. I look forward to growing and learning along side of all of you. Can't wait to serve TAC in this new way & to start connecting with other locals and TAC members throughout South Central region and beyond.

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