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South Central


Benjamin Brinkmeyer
Kingsville, MO.

Hail all!

I have been practicing Asatru for just over three years now, starting with TAC almost immediately. One of our Study Havamals was the first books I ever had on Asatru and I still read it when I seek wisdom. I am a Military Police Officer in the Army National Guard, where I try my best to assist my fellow Soldiers in following the old gods. I look forward to helping you all and learning more as I continue to grow in my faith.

Hail the Gods and the Community

Alexander Nettrouer


Topeka, Kansas.

My name is Alexander, you can call me Alex, Alexander, or whatever you want, just don't call me late for dinner.  I have been studying Asatru for the last 2 years and came to TAC last year in 2020.  I grew up in a pretty Christian household and small town. I'm a down home country heathen.  I married my beautiful wife, who is part of the Pagan community, 2 years ago.  I enjoy any and all sports, from football to downhill cheese rolling and will gladly talk your ear off about said sports.  I've played just about as many sports as well.  Living in the bible belt where there's a church on every corner, I plan to be a lighthouse for any heathen in or out of TAC.

Tim Vanosdell.jpg

Timothy Vanosdell


Hail and Well Met!
My name is Tim VanOsdell. I usually just go by Tim Vee, unless you feel you'd like to tackle the last name! I have been long interested in learning more about Asatru. I stumbled across TAC early last year, and started actively practicing Asatru since February of 2021. Being completely honest, contracting COVID-19 drove me to TAC. When I lost my sense of taste and smell, I began meditating. Struggling to breathe, I relied on tactical breathing I had learned from another portion of my life to calm myself. Eir came to me and brought me out, Tyr and Thor gave me strength. I am a beekeeper and blacksmith, and invoke the blessings of Beyla with each time I inspect my colonies, and the power of Thor with each hammer blow. I am excited to serve in this region, and look forward to my journey with TAC!

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