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California, Nevada, & Hawaii

Dawn Rarick-Kollman

Lead Ambassador

Reno, Nevada

Hi! I am Dawn. I live in Nevada, on a small farm, with my husband, Jason, and two girls, Niki and Iliana.

I have been a student of Asatru for almost 5 years, and on my pagan path for 22+ years.

I am a writer and a hopeless romantic. I am an Odin's girl. With love for Thor, and a deep respect and close friendship with Loki. I have had a special relationship with Lady Hel, Angerbotha, and my darling Fenrir.  I am still learning of other Norse Gods and Goddesses.

I feel that I will always be a student, as there is ALWAYS something to learn. However, I am a teacher of the craft. And a teacher of Creative Writing and Drama.

My first love will always be the Goddess Brigid in the Irish form (Celtic tradition of Witchcraft and Catholicism...), however, I am very polytheistic.

I am both Irish and Scandinavian (after a DNA study... and many years of jokingly proclaiming myself the illegitimate child of Odin and Brigid), so I feel that I was drawn to both traditions by blood, and heart.  One day, I WILL retire in Ireland!

My heart is lost to the sea, and when I am not busy at work, on the farm or in the office or classroom, I spend my days in Brookings Oregon.

I cannot wait to help others find Asatru, and make more connections with people of the same faith

Please let me know if there is anything else you need.

Alexander ‘Das Ulf’ Rheuark

El Centro, California

TAC’s Ambassador in the Imperial Valley is Alexander ‘Das Ulf’ Rheuark. He is born and raised in Southern California but has lived in various different states across the country. His journey towards Asatru began in high school with tunic study and progressed to student ambassador for the now defunct ‘’ where he first became aware of Asatru. Many years later he felt The Gods calling and now seeks to help the local heathen population grow.

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