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Dawn Rarick-Kollman

Lead Ambassador


Reno, Nevada.

Hi! I am Dawn. I live in Nevada, on a small farm, with my husband, Jason, and two girls, Niki and Iliana.

I have been a student of Asatru for almost 5 years, and on my pagan path for 22+ years.

I am a writer and a hopeless romantic. I am an Odin's girl. With love for Thor, and a deep respect and close friendship with Loki. I have had a special relationship with Lady Hel, Angerbotha, and my darling Fenrir.  I am still learning of other Norse Gods and Goddesses.

I feel that I will always be a student, as there is ALWAYS something to learn. However, I am a teacher of the craft. And a teacher of Creative Writing and Drama.

My first love will always be the Goddess Brigid in the Irish form (Celtic tradition of Witchcraft and Catholicism...), however, I am very polytheistic.

I am both Irish and Scandinavian (after a DNA study... and many years of jokingly proclaiming myself the illegitimate child of Odin and Brigid), so I feel that I was drawn to both traditions by blood, and heart.  One day, I WILL retire in Ireland!

My heart is lost to the sea, and when I am not busy at work, on the farm or in the office or classroom, I spend my days in Brookings Oregon.

I cannot wait to help others find Asatru, and make more connections with people of the same faith

Please let me know if there is anything else you need.

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Marc Seki

Military Ambassador


Honolulu, Hawaii.

My name is Marc Seki and I am an active duty Infantrymen in the United States Army, I’m originally from Ewa Beach, HI. I am Asian, Hispanic, and European decent. I was born and raised Roman Catholic but never connected to that religion. I deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 and I experience some life changing events,  I had a premonition that I would be stepping on an IED one week before it happened. Flash forward to 2016 I was in search for a religion that I could feel connected too. In May 2019 I found Ásatrú, the more I kept reading about the religion the more I got drawn to it. In June 2019 I officially converted to Ásatrú. I have found my connection to our Gods and Goddesses and will continue to learn and practice the old ways. I will do my best as Hawai’i’s ambassador and live honorably in our our Gods and Goddesses eyes.

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