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Marc Seki

(On Hiatus)

Military Ambassador


Honolulu, Hawaii.

My name is Marc Seki and I am an active duty Infantrymen in the United States Army, I’m originally from Ewa Beach, HI. I am Asian, Hispanic, and European decent. I was born and raised Roman Catholic but never connected to that religion. I deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 and I experience some life changing events,  I had a premonition that I would be stepping on an IED one week before it happened. Flash forward to 2016 I was in search for a religion that I could feel connected too. In May 2019 I found Ásatrú, the more I kept reading about the religion the more I got drawn to it. In June 2019 I officially converted to Ásatrú. I have found my connection to our Gods and Goddesses and will continue to learn and practice the old ways. I will do my best as Hawai’i’s ambassador and live honorably in our our Gods and Goddesses eyes.


Zakk T Hart
Wahiawa, HI.

I've been Asatruar for 10 years now. Born and raised in Texas, I've lived all kinds of a life. Musician, now soldier, with 2 kids and a wife in lovely Hawaii. Finding TAC gave me the opportunity to find more followers of the faith than I otherwise ever would have. I'm happy to give back.