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South Pacific


Bruce Kingery
Chula Vista, CA.

Hello, I am Bruce Kingery. I am currently in my 6th year of Active Duty Navy as an Information Systems Technician (IT). I am E-5 so I will also respond to IT2. I am currently stationed in San Diego, CA with my amazing wife Gabriella (Also Active duty E-5) and my two loving sons Ares(3) and Apollo(1M). I grew up in a pretty religion-neutral house in Southern Indiana. So growing up nothing was ever forced on me. It wasn't until I was roughly 17 when I found the Gods, and have been a follower since. Besides that, I'm just your basic nerd Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, video games, etc. I'm into it all. I look forward to my role as an ambassador and hope I do a good job.

David Bouse

David Bouse
Reno, NV.

I have been practicing heathenry for the past 2 years and joined TAC in May of 2020.  I am a husband to my witchy wife Amanda and my two daughters who are both teenagers.  I am active in the Army National Guard and I have been for almost 23 years.  I live in Reno, NV because the Military moved us up here from Las Vegas 4 years ago, but we love it here.

clark stinson.jpg

Clark Stinson
Long beach, CA

Hi all, my name is Clark Stephen Stinson. I’m a proud father currently residing in Los Angeles after my retirement. I happen to be an Army Paratrooper from Chicago who served in 4 Iraq War campaigns in Baghdad, Mosul, Tal Afar and Sadr City all under 7 years with 82nd Airborne and 101st Air Assault. After the military, I later served as Correctional Officer, a Wildland Firefighter Hotshots/ Disaster Response Strike Team Leader, former legal/political contractor, and currently C.E.R.T. member. When not at my profession, I also served as Past Post Adjutant for American Legion, past Community Leader for The Mission Continues. To include, I’m also an ordained Druid Clergy since 2015 seeking a home with those who share similar beliefs and culture as myself. My career in service allowed me to travel the world and back to 10 countries and 30 U.S. states. I would say it’s safe to say that my overall background would qualifies me as a modern-day BattleMage (If it was a profession today).   
You can say that I’ve been a heathen all my life due to my deep connection with nature and universe since child at birth. I’ve came to Asatru from learning that of my bloodline as the standing Viking Warlord Loth, to include bloodline of Irish WarLord Niall of Nine Hostage and Spartan Leonidas. This didn’t have it drawbacks from years of aggravation in dealing with cults and religious extremists I had constantly to throw off my back. My hobbies would include spending time with my daughter, playing with my cats, reading, amateur sports competitions (5k, 10k, half marathons, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, survival challenges, etc.), and participating in various outdoor activities and events. I’m also a huge fan of horror and sci-fiction films. Overall, about myself, I would say about that I am a man of many names, faces and titles. I’m opened to offer any guidance and assistance if in need. Feel free to reach out.    

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