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Rite of Birth



Whenever a child is conceived, a word proceeds, like a ray from Balder, absolute which provides this future being with a spirit.  This spirit however is not absorbed immediately into the new born child, but becomes incarnate gradually, as the child grows and attains reason and intelligence.  When a father and mother both understand that the soul of the child existed previous to its birth in Midgard, conception becomes a sacred act, the summons of a soul to submit to incarnation.



The birth of a child is a very special occasion that bridges both the non-physical and the physical worlds and likewise deserves a fitting ceremony.  Such rituals are celebrated in the form of a birth rite.  The birth rite is the first initiation to focus emphasis on the growth of a newborn’s spirit self.

With arms upraised, Godi holds the infant overhead and speaks:


May the arms of Frigga ever enfold you,

Safe may they ever hold you

Near or far

In good times or bad

The great goddess Frigga shall hear your call.

Odin – Allfather

Watches over all

Protect this child in his/her daily paths through Midgard

as he/she grows and matures.


Godi places child back in the crib and speaks:


I invoke the gods and goddesses of the Aesir and Vanir.  Allfather Odin all wise and resolute, thou who art the soul and shaper of Midgard.  Hear us now O Masters of birth and judgement.  It is in your honor that we initiate this child before you.  Consecrate and make holy this circle as we conduct this rite.

Godi now performs the hammer hollowing.  Once done he speaks:


By this newborn life a wondrous gift you have bestowed upon us.  Great monarchs of grave and womb, we thank you for this gift of life and the spirit that it holds.  May the Norns look kindly upon this child and temper his/her will with courage, honor, strength and wisdom.


Godi places oil on child’s forehead with thumb.  Once done he speaks:

Balder, whose rays awaken all gardens of life

Guide and purify this child with your light

Hear this oblation O Gods of Asgard

With our Kinsmen here today

We feel the presence of our ancestors


It is through the blood of our blood

That the many wonders

Of mankind were created

The wheels of the cosmos

The wheels of law

The wheels of destiny

The wheels of life are turning

This beautiful child before us

Is a precious link in the golden chain

Through eternity.

The breath of life, the sacred might

The realized spirit in flesh

O Gods of Asgard we witness now

The miracle of your glorious splendor

How beneficent are thy plans

Witnessed in this newborn creation

Grant this child strength and sustenance

To achieve the labors of thy bidding

Great Gods of Asgard

Vivify and protect that which thou has made!


The speck within the mother grows and takes form in the darkness and emerges into the light with a cry.  The helpless infant follows the patterns of the parents.  The form increases in stature, becomes adult and gradually declines and disintegrates into the primeval elements.  But as the countless individuals emerge and vanish from the outer scene, we sense that all pervading potency of hidden currents as though we existed on a heaving sea of universal life.  Nothing is complete on the surface.  There is no death, only the coming-to-be and the ceasing-to-be of the forms in which life manifests.  Every child that is born is a potential instruments for the salvation of the world and remains an unknown but all-powerful quantity.


Godi does sign of the hammer over the child and speaks:


Thor’s strength be with you –

May the Gods ever guide you –


The rite is now ended.

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