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Rite of Family



Allfather Odin, Sky-Cloaked Wanderer

From ancient Northern lands

We call to you across mountain and forest,

Across Ocean, Lake, River and Stream

Through the realms of immutable

And unspeakable time –

We call to you in lands of mystery

Where ravens cast a knowing eye,

And the howl of distant wolves

Fill the crisp North Wind –

We call to you across the ages of time

Of our glorious past,

And the rising temple

Of our new beginnings.

Odin, mirror of man, Nature and universe,

From Midgard we call to you,

Hear us!

Your people are still here

 With the iron will of your noble ancestors.

We will fight

And we will follow your command

Til we earn our rightful place in Valhalla.

Grant thy message and wisdom

And enter this circle now.

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