Rite of Healing


Godi in Elhaz position stands before the sick individual and say:

O Great Gods of Asgard!

We call upon you in our hour of need

Before you stands our kinsman/woman

Who is one of your people.

We ask for your guidance and blessings

As we seek to heal the ill and hurt

Thor! Thunderer!

Look upon your noble follower.

Grant him/her your protection and strength

As they fight to be healed and whole

Eir!  Goddess of healing

Look upon your kin

With kindness and hope.

We ask for your blessing and healing aid

In this our dark hour.

Mother Frigga!

Your light shines on us all.

You blessing is called for

On the family of this warrior/Valkyrie

During their fight.

Grant them your boons

As they give vigor and optimism

To their sick brethren.


Uruz! Uruz! Uruz!

We call upon your healing powers.

Heal this kinsman/woman

So that they may be whole and once again

Join our people!


Godi anoints patient with oil or mead on his/her head saying:


I give you the blessings of Thor.


Godi anoints patient with oil or mead on the heart saying:


I give you the blessings of Frigga.

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