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Rite of Love

Great Freya – Lady of Love

Goddess of romance and love!

Comfort and gratify me with your ancient knowledge.

Grant me your boon

Know that in my heart burns the flame of love for ___(name)___.

Those who are wise in the mysteries of the heart and love;

I seek guidance in this course.

If my love for ___(name)___ weighs true in your hands,

Let ___(name)___ know that I welcome his/her glance

Let him/her know that I delight in his/her conversation.

Let him/her know that I yearn for the touch of his/her hand

And desire that we should love one another happily.

If my attentions are not welcomes by ___(name)___,

Let my heart release all desire for him/her –

If you find this love unworthy, cleanse my heart of it.

Take its power as an offering.

Bring forth new joy and free me of sorrow.

Goddess Freya – I seek your wisdom and counsel.

I am ever yours

O Great Goddess of Asgard!

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