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Rite of Manhood

In ancient times it was customary for senior members of the tribe to address long dissertations on the principles of manhood to those who were about to pass from childhood.  The “Rite of Manhood” marked an official threshold of completion in the graduating development of a boy into a man, much as the "Rite of Womanhood" marks the passing of a girl into a woman. The ritual has been customarily performed at the thirteenth year of the son’s birth.

Godi faces alter and speaks:

Ancestral spirits we conjure you to witness this rite of manhood.  By the virtue and power of the high gods do we perform this ancient custom of initiation.


Godi takes an unlit candle from the altar and turns to face initiate who now approaches to accept the candle, the initiate kneels down on one knee (or is seated).


Godi recites:


  Into this world thou art born a link in the great chain of generations of thy forebears.  It is through your living flesh that all that has been is now become manifest in the present and it is through your life span that all hope for the future of our path depends.


Godi lights Initiate’s candle and speaks:


Unto light is added light, that the  solar wheel may awaken the greater light of divine wisdom from youth to manhood. With manhood comes greater responsibilities for yourself, your family, and your people. To these responsibilities you must never waver, before you cross this mental and spiritual threshold of greater understanding, which is the passage from youth to manhood.

Godi holds the flat of a sword blade tip above the Initiate’s head and speaks:


I ask you as the living voice of our ancestors do you now accept with all the courage and determination befitting our people these lifelong challenges and responsibilities of manhood?


Initiate answers in the affirmative.  Godi touches both left and right shoulder of Initiate with sword while speaking:


May the power of our gods and ancestors keep you ever strong in mind, body and spirit and that you in turn always remain noble in character, steadfast and resolute.


Godi returns sword to alter as initiate now stands.  Godi places Thor’s Hammer around Initiate’s neck, performs the sign of the hammer with clenched fist and speaks:


By this hammer, symbol and token of our fearless god of strength and thunder do you ___(name)___ pledge always to uphold the spirit befitting a true Asatru warrior against any and all manner of conflict and aggression?


Initiate answers in the affirmative.


Godi speaks:


May you prove yourself worthy of  mighty Thor’s respect and guidance.

Godi extinguishes the candle and speaks:


As the light of youth expires the fire of manhood now fills your spirit.  As you seek the woman of your completion choose wisely, remember that you marry not merely your mate, but, also, your life-partner’s forebears.  All that you are, you owe not to yourself but your people.  Everything that you possess physically and mentally has been passed down to you from previous generations and is held in trust by you for those who are to come after you.

Maintain the ethics of robust health and cleanliness and always recollect that the body and mind are closely linked.  Accumulate much knowledge and use it wisely.

                The world is yours to enjoy but waste not your time foolishly.  Always set and attain your goals and ever strive to reach your highest potential.  We are not bred to live like the herds.  Within you lie unlimited powers of intelligence and creation.  Always strive to accept the challenge of greatness with an iron will of unwavering determination.


Godi now dips an evergreen sprig in water and anoints Initiate, saying:


The wisdom of Odin be with you.  Thus completes this cycle of death and rebirth.  May the gods prolong your days.


This rite is now ended.

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