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Rite of Martyrs

We call to the heroics ancestors of our line,

And to the Gods of Asgard,

Whose wisdom and guidance is our sustenance.

Light of Sun,

Radiance of Moon,

Splendor of Fire,

Speed of Lightning,

Swiftness of Wind,

Depth of Sea,

Stability of Earth,

Firmness of Stone,

We open this circle now

In honor and gratitude

To those great martyrs of legend and lore –

To those immortal spirits

Who have given freely of their life,

That darkness and oppression may vanish

From our lands.

We hail you, giants among men,

Time tested heroes that have gone before us,

By inspiration and example

Dost thou fire our will.

It is from your noble sacrifices

That our gift of life and hope remains.

Gods and noble ones of legend,

Join with us now!

Bless us with invigorated strength and determination,

Condition us,

Lead us in self-perpetuation

To the fulfillment of our illuminating quest –

May we seal the door where evil lives.

As your light burns within us

So, too, shall we do service

To our gods and goddesses.

By this promise we are bound;

May your bold legends continue for all time

To burn in our hearts with courage,

And to know the truth within,

Divine in spirit and noble in form,

Fearless ones of the Einherjar –

By Ash, Oak, and Thorn

And in Odin’s name,

Behold the lords of the astral worlds,

We do thank you for attending our rites.

And here you depart to your higher realms,

This rite is now ended.

We bid you hail and farewell!

Hail to ye, gods, goddesses and martyrs all!

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