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Rite of Naming


Godi lights a white candle.

Godi holds child securely and speaks:

Gods of Asgard!

Hear the words of your people

This day we introduce a new member of the tribe.

He/she is strong and ready to be formally named

As one of your people.

Odin! Skyclad Wanderer!

We look to you

To give your blessings to this newborn

Watch over him/her as he/she grows strong in our path.

Mother Frigga!

Grant him/her your boon

Of happiness and joy

As they grow and become one of your people.

Thor! Red Bearded protector of Man!

We ask for you to look upon this infant with kindness

Give him/her your protection

Throughout the days of his/her life.

We formally name this child: __(child’s full name)___

And ask for your welcome and guidance

As he/her matures through the years of their lives.


Godi anoints child on the forehead with oil speaking:


___(child’s name)___, I give you the blessings of the gods and goddesses.

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