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Rite of Night

We gather here this night,

To pay homage to our gods and goddesses all,

As Nott comes into the sky,

Pulled by the great horse Hrimfaxi,

And Mani brings his light to the darkness,

We honor them,

And seek their protection,

From the shadows.

Odin gives us wisdom,

To get through the gloom.

Thor strike your mighty hammer,

At all Jotuns who look to destroy humanity.

We call to Heimdall, who sees and hears all,

Guard us and keep us,

As the dew falls on a new day,

And Dagr begins his journey anew,

We look to the light and that gives light,

And replenishes of crops and souls.

Hail to the old gods and goddesses all!

As the night falls and grows,

We look for the daylight,

And the renewal it brings.

Hail to Mani!

God of the Moon!
Hail to Nott!

The bringer of night!

We honor you as family.

Without you there would be no day,

Without you there would be no

Progression on time.

Hail the gods and goddesses!

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