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Rite of Self Profession

This simple ceremony may be used as a sort of initiation for those who have decoded to profess Asatru as their religion.  It may also be used as a self-blessing or purification any time that the individual feels the need for one.


Meditate on the purpose of the ritual, in any positon in which you are comfortable.  Then take a small vessel of mead and say:

Odin, Thor and Tyr

May this pure and holy mead

That my mind and heart with our gods remain.


Dip the fingers of your right hand in the mead and make a fist. Touch the forehead while saying in a clear voice:


Odin give me wisdom and inspiration.


Touch the heart and say:


Balder give me boldness tempered with goodness.


Touch the left shoulder and say:


Freyr give me plenty and joy.


Touch the right shoulder and say:


Thor give me might and main.


Having made the Hammersign in this fashion, now address that deity to which you feel especially close, in words of your own choosing.  Close with this sentence:


Now I chose to follow Asatru.


Remain for a few minutes in quiet contemplation.

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