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Rite of Womanhood

Godia in Elhaz position, facing the altar, with gandr in right hand speaks:

By the virtue of the Goddess Frigga,

Mother of the universe,

Mistress of the elements,

Wife of Odin,

First among the goddesses,

May the infinite goodness be with us.

We invoke you and call upon you,

Mother goddess of all.

How excellent are your ways,

Your wonders and glory in nature

Permeate all of Midgard’s beauty and mystery.

Let the purpose that you know and serve

Guide the wills and hearts of our kind.

A nine foot circle is marked out on the floor or ground with candles or torches marking the four cardinal directions.  Initiate now enters the circle.  Godia stands before Initiate with arms raised in Elhaz position and says:

O great Frigga, who rules gloriously over us,

We bring before you ___(name)___,

Who stands at the threshold of womanhood.

Precious is this youth in body, mind and spirit,

Cast in the image of our gods and goddesses.

We are blessed and our hearts are glad.

Assist us now in this ancient rite.

Initiate stands in the middle of the circle while the Godia opens each of the four cardinal directions with Thor’s Hammer held over head, returning to the North on front of the altar, lights a candle saying:


Burn brightly life giving flame, for you are the sun.

Illuminate this holy rite with the divine rays of Balder.


Godia now anoints Initiate, by pressing oil with her thumb on the forehead of the Initiate.

Godia speaks:

May the Gods of Asgard now sanctify you.

Feel the strength and creative force within your womb,

The center of your being.

Feel the ancestral power of eons channeling through you.

Know that the rose of motherhood

Is within you always.

Now do you enter womanhood,

Every day is a new beginning,

And the circle of creation is fulfilling itself

In and through you.

May the Norns grant you joy, wisdom and freedom

And guide you to the perfect counterpart

Who will love and protect you

Until the end of your days.


As the wand is to the earth,

So the male is to the female

And the Sun to our blooming world.

Joined, they bring happiness.

Through motherhood

And through the knowledge of our ancient ways

You will find fulfillment.

Receive now the divine blessings of our Gods and Goddesses.

Godia dips evergreen sprig into blessing bowl and dowses Initiate over the head speaking:


I give you the blessings of Odin, Frigga

And the gods and goddesses of Asgard.


Godia now takes flowered crown wreath from altar and places it on the Initiates head saying:


This is your day of passing.  Now do our gods, goddesses, ancestors, and all who are gathered here in this circle witness this rite of womanhood for our Kinswoman ___(name)___ and we welcome you.  We thank the gods for their blessings as we close this circle.  This rite is now ended.

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