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Here the modern practioner of Asatru can find many rites, some daily, others for special occasions. Please always keep in mind, these are here for you to use as a recource, not a requirement.  


These are of course just templates, one way of doing something, but we hope that they can aid you, and enrich your life spiritually. 

Rite of Day
Rite of Hallowing
Rite of Family
Rite of Birth
Rite of Naming
Rite of Initiation into a Kindred
Rite of Love
Rite of Marriage Hand Fasting
Rite of Healing
Rite of Martyrs
Rite of Manhood
Rite of Womanhood
Rite of Self Profession
Rite of Warding
Rite of Welcome
Rite of Passing
Rite of Night
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