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Shieldwall: A Public Call to Action

It's no secret that our religious symbols (runes, staves, etc.) have been co-opted by both individuals and groups as a means to spread hate. Though these instances only account for a minority of the heathen community, they have, unfortunately, become an increasingly vocal minority. With that vocalization has come attention, both positive and negative. The heathen community is slowly entering the public spotlight, and the misuse of the faith being highlighted by the media means that now more than ever, it's important for us to be just as vocal.

The argument can be made that apathy toward hatred and intolerance is the same as acceptance. Whether or not this is true, it's undeniable that apathy solves nothing. We can watch from the sidelines, but that'll do nothing to stem the tide of hatred.


So what can we do?


It's time to stand up. We need to set aside our petty differences to stand united against adversity. It's time to swallow pride and put the community first. Disputes between groups that share the common goal of helping the heathen community to thrive need to be laid to rest. Labeling, infighting, and finger-pointing are getting us nowhere, while the fires blaze all around us.


It's time we put an end to it.


In 2016, many of us in the heathen community banded together to sign Huginn's Heathen Hof's Declaration 127, a public statement that we did not agree with the AFA's expressed views on race, gender, and sexuality. This was an important step in the right direction and brought many of us in the community together. However, since the signing of Declaration 127, hatred and bigotry have spread like a disease. It's no longer any one organization that we should be worried about. Let's take a closer look at Havamal stanza 127, which Declaration 127 is based on.

"Wherever you know of harm
regard that harm as your own;
give your enemies no peace.
- Havamal 127


This is one of many popular interpretations, but the subtle difference in wording is important. It's no longer enough to see harm and speak out against it. We need to look upon harm being done as if it were being done to us. Humans are naturally empathetic beings, and it's time we started listening to that part of our nature. We're all smaller pieces of a greater whole; any harm done to one is done to all of us.


So where are we going with all of this?


This is a public call to action for ALL members of the heathen community willing to stand against hate and intolerance.


With all the negativity circulating both within and outside of the heathen community, we recognize that people are frustrated, angry, and feeling helpless.

We need to stand together as fellow children of Midgard. Be active, be vocal, show those who abuse our faith that we will not be silenced. We will not stand by while they continue abusing our faith and enforcing negative stereotypes. We will go out in to our communities and be a force for positive change. We will extend a hand of fellowship to all willing to stand together against the tide of hatred. We will form a Shieldwall.


By no means is Shieldwall a singular movement orchestrated entirely by one organization. It's an idea. Like any idea, it's only as powerful as those who believe in it. It's also a tool. Like any tool, it's only as effective as the person using it. For Shieldwall to work, every member must participate. This is a collective international effort, and we cannot micromanage every region. It's up to the heathen community, up to you, to suit action to words. Go out and find others, organize, volunteer, work within your community as the smaller part of a greater whole.


We believe the potential is there, that it only takes a nudge of initiative from an individual to bring people together to create change. We hope to mend the harm that's been done to the heathen community. We will support each other in the hopes that we may give others the strength to stand up and fight. We will link ourselves together and stand strong to hold the line against the darkness. Together, we will strive to create a brighter future for the generations to come.



To summarize the mission statement of Shieldwall:
Shieldwall is an effort to unite the heathen community.

Together we denounce all those abusing our faith to spread hatred and negativity.



By signing on, you're making a statement. A statement that you will not stand for hatred. You will not sit idly by as our cultural and religious symbols are dragged through the mud. You are stating you will go out in to the world and strive to make it a better place. Most importantly, you are stating you're an ally to all who are oppressed or in need.



We encourage other organizations and groups to stand with us.

To register your Kindred, Business, Organization, Page, and/or Group's support for Shieldwall, CLICK HERE!

To register your personal individual support and to join the Shieldwall, CLICK HERE!


Our gods are bigger than our differences.



Kindred, Business, Organization, Page, and/or Group:



 Seth Chagi

Brian Moore 

Alicia C. 

Nathanal T Hart 

Ryan Wells 

Eric Decker 

Samantha Allen 

Austin Zerby 

Andrew Rolfsen 

David Frimel 

Fırat Altınyürek 

Jay McDonald 

Kagan Pittman 

Mike Hurd 
Samantha Lavine 

Aaron Fisher 
Regan E.

Megan Nelson 

Harriet Rankin 

William Stacy 

Kisha Bouchor 

Vincent Panell 

Nicholas Burdick 

Sofi Haga 

Steve Page 

Presten Molder 

Bea P. 

Edward Starkey 

Francisco Delgado Jr 

Dylan Kurtz 

Philip Marcum 

Jay Wood 

Alex Upton 
Marcello Milanezi 

Lorinda Smith 

RuthAnne Isbell 

Graeme C. 

Howard A Cook 

Brian Mette 

Kenneth Jones 

Ken Jones 

Odin miller 

Donavon Martinson 

Adam R. 

Chadwick Umstead 

Sam W. 

Brittany Bernard 
Brian Whited  

Solstice Hannan 

Brittney M. Tate

Emma Humberston
Fred Canales

Xavier Aeichele

Victoria Kolceski

Andrew Larr

David S.

Chris H.

Brenon Bowers

Richard Smothers

Jackie Upchurch

Jordan Waid

Conall Stewart

Andrew Fotheringham

Kristine M.

Bryan Morris

Thomas Bainbridge


Anne P.

William Conner

Shaloy McDaniel

Stephanie C.

Susan Fabian

David Hollingworth

Kenny C.

Gerald del Campo

William Roisendubh

Cassandra Addams

Ciera Hoover

Michael Anderson

Kimberley Neilsen

Tyler Reagan

James Moore

James Carter

Michael Hess

Jules Fish

Chris Moody

Dan Stalley

Julie Gelo

Stephanie Pugh

Geert M.

Max Sisternas

Lia Patterson

Jessie Pye

Jeffrey McAllister

Miguel V.

John Valles

Dominick D.

Brad Arnold

Cord Keller

Kilian VER

Jace Paul

Johannes K.

James Tucker

Jeremiah L.


Ethan B.

Barbara Ann

Ari Haalboom

James S.

Ryan Caniparoli

Austin Stewart

Alexandra Lemieux

Joseph Martyn

Vision L.

Sascha Vandenameele

Tiffany Shandor

Benjamin Jose 

Eric Gartz

Rebecca Kincaid

Clint wright

Pena M.

Cody R.

Jordan Cargill

Makayla Rogers

Ryan Goble

Jeff Ostler

Dale King

Brad Miller

Bjorn Thorson

Katharine Chizmadia

James Radford

Kev Walsh

Paul Rutgersen

Gavin Finley

Scott Bennett

Stephen Leslie

Aaron Elliott

David Sawyer

Rowan Alix Vandenberg

Scott Dore

Martin Rundfeldt

Tyler Trumpy

Andea Hodgins

Kevin Walls

Kyle Ann Steenburg

Jared Haines

Lisa R. Leonardo

Brian Campbell-Hart

Tedri Thorne

Billy McKinney

Ricky Reid

Jade Johnson

Caitlin V.

Michael V.

Nick V.

Phil Woodward

Amber P.

Rebecca Hillstead

Lucie M.

Christy K.

Cori Hauer

KaSandra Swanson

Michael Bronstine

Christina Harvey

Joseph Woods

Katharine Stanley

Nicole Tschudy

Art Stark

Jarin D.

Sarr Freki

Melanie W.

Lori P.

Johnathan P.


Erin Miller

Shawn Rowland

Carrie Rowland

W. Krieger Torres

Josef F.

Ryan Sheldon

Jodee Boldt

Shawn Scribner

Jesse Farr


Nathanael Carrick

Matt B.

Steve J.

Josh Hargrove

Tina Tully

Brooke Domino

Diane Rishel

Miranda Koeshall

Devlin Beck

Zachary C.

Austin T.

Johnny Blackwood


Myron Kinnison

Stephen Randall

John C.

Travis Pigg

Thomas T.

Thomas E. Thompson

Walter Foster

William H.

Della Selner

Aaron L.

Aaron Laskey

Krysti M

Austyn Webber

Amy H.

Annette B.

Jerry Robbins

Amy Flickinger

James Read

Suzi-Ciarda Cubbin

Justin Franklin

Elijah Hill

James Read

Bryan Otto

Kathryn Haley-Halinski

Adrian S.

Finlet Romano

Robert LaHaie

Richard Ceely

Andrea Gill

J Glenn Bryant

Alanna Z.

Sam Farrell

Adrian Scharfetter

Matt Poole

Tawny Mortensen

Marshall Blosser

Scarlet Skinner

Anthony B.

Törik Björnúlfr

Adder C.

Steven Heller

Shawna Fankhanel Chavez

Kristopher dixon

Patrick A.

Colt Wert

Nicholas Alvarez

Aidan Hearn

Jessie Pye

Gerald H.

Brandi Goodnight

Samantha Steele

Ruth Harton

Deborah Kolmer

Anne M. Bowman

Liz Heffner

Mitchell Brendli

Joseph B.

Jamie Graham

Martha G.

Jessika Koeslag

Wes Isley

Odin Tunningley

Sean Vandendries

David Cantrell

Victoria S.

Stew D.

Hunter Barrow

Lance Shirey

Felipe  Magnani
Michael Sprachmann
Grayson Wilson
Brian Lockhart

Val Machin

Chrystina Lynne Sherrin

Chris McCoy

Kaitlyn Melvin

Adder Clemons

Anna Fährmann

Christina Serrano

Daniel R.

Shaloy Fauber McDaniel

Phoenix Knormalle

Jerry Cornell

George Jeffery

Jameson Van Etten


Deryk MacLeod
Marco DeJoy

Robert Lester

Justin Wolf

Eric Zike

Devin Dell

Eric Flores-Ortiz

Phoenix Knor'malle

Casey Stengel

Alan Montroso

Tina Ackelson

Alfrúna Odinsdottir

Amanda Barron

Monette W

Dylan Tennant

Clint Levitski

Preston Blaney

Abigail Propeck

Jaela Nilsson

Kyle Reese

Christian Franco

Melvin (Mel) Fleming II

Candice Breslin

Joseph Howell

Marc B. 

Frances M.

David Liles 

Shawna Schofield 

Jordan Musselwhite 

Trevor Layton 

Jeremiah T. 

Daniel Burns

Douglas Pearrow 

Sandra Fulbright-Myers 

Nathan Hayes 

Jim Wolf 

Márk Balázs 

Barry Greybeard 

Brock Trent 

Stephan Gunn 

Daryn K. 

Dalton Essick 

Charley Herrin 

Jonathan Herrin 

Charlotte J. 

David T. Bosquez 

Jill B. 

Tammy Bergen

 Alex Oakenhart V. 

Holly R. 

Scott Gillies 

Josh Harasty 

Billie M. 

Suzanne Martin 

Simon W. 

Gavin T.

Kyle Trumper 

Alexandra Neal 

Haley G. 

John A. 

Christopher Brant

Michael Guerra 

Jared Hess

Ethan Michael Bjorn Campbell

Emilio Pilozzi

Alex Day

Todd Holjeson

Randall Voyles

Jacob Phelps

Brian Alpers

Denny Nihlén

Adalberto Agudelo-Cardona

Brandt Davis

Angie Lisle

Seosamh O.


Josh Taylor

Christian Hancock

Kyle Sherman

Daniele Torretta

Gordon Morrison

Carl S.

Luis Salazar

Rhiannon  De Falco

Jason Blaufuss

Mitchel Patterson

Alexander Greenlake

Chris Aguirre

Steffen Schmidt

Zak McBride

Dale Wood

Edward Anderson

Steven Wall

Gracie Gibson

Miika Spray

Carly Rauba

Matthew Shaw

Bryan Minehart

Jeremy Glantz

Sarah Roach

Lisataime Powell

Tristan Hall

Mariah Rogers

Mitch Stossmeister

Jayde Boyes

Steven Gamble

Nicholas Berg

Michael Babcock

David Settle

Dwayne Sybesma, JR

Jorge Almeida

Michael Feldbruegge

Matthew Rayner

Karl Loveland

Julia Helfers

Wilson Buck-Wilson

Heidi Sandner

Jennifer Waite

Denise Young

Ryan Way

Cody Paine

Jeremy Fox

Kyle Tassi

Xavier Rios

Jeremy Miller

Benjamin Irwin

Christopher Knight

Adam El Dissi

Tony Keer

Salvia G. Stjoernuryk

Jay Nichols

Andrew Henderson

Shawna Shafer

Freddie Ironbear

Branden Lillegaard

Kyle Matlock

Chris Hunt

Jeremy January

Carrie Dyess

Jeff Nichols

Nero Sparda

Tyler Latshaw

James Cushman

Cassandra Locklear

Jordan Seaton

Debbie DesRoches

Christopher Wiemold

Mike Locklear

Jan Kullberg

Violet Holmes

Rebeca Alcala

Jonathon Hubbard

Sean Wolfe

Joshua Stallard

Kenneth Bass

Amber MacGregor

Rich Rainbolt

Rowan Murillo

Jeff Starke

Wylk Basara

Jane Saude

Mark  Shipley

Peter Watts

Twilight Hall

James Myers

Jake Bentley

Peyton Miller

James Collins

Jennifer Scheurle

Michael Taylor

Ian Jamison

David Joseph

Susan Rainwater

Chance Conway

Michael Daniels

Hayne Pearish

Jessica Foor

Hector Alcala

Levi Holliday

Kenny Perritt

David Walt

Ryan Heims

Joseph Roberts

Dustin Rossman

Angela Hernandez

Ryan Moelling

Britain Rogers

Zach Pearson

Sean Chavez

Zakk Campbell

Scott McKinster

Terry  Doner

Kyle O'Hennessy

Kyle  Kain

Jae Quin

Jordan VonTrapp

Brian Gareau

Eric Olsson

Donna  LoSavio

Becky Pierce

Marcel Vrieling

Misty Stewart

Stuart Baldwin

Heath  Crecelius

Randal  Porch

Jackie Stiles

Israel Mckenney

Rex Juhlin

Anthony Johnson

Anthony Glenn

Sheila  Foster

Kevin Janociak  

Thomas Moon

Kemin Mccutchen

Jack Richards

Brenda Mobley

James Hanrahan

Kerry Sanchez

Michael Bard

Sarah Carey

Craig Brown

Alexandra Heeter

Tracy Zieber

Donna Clifton

Katela Black Elk-Frazier

Saren Camargo

Kaelyn Kelly-Colon

Scott Farrell

Robin Leuenberger

Erica Dornfeld

Joe Wilburn

Clinton Hawken

Kyle Baumeister

Gabriel  Chase

Christian Woodside

Daniel Lewis

Stephen Boyer

Mike Slaski

Joshua Chewning

Phillip Tiffany

Kyle Freese

Richard Dobson

Mark Norris

Caleb Echols

Maxwell Veil

Wesley Swafford

Dalton Pence

Benjamin Longfellow

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Simon Edwards

Matthew Gillespie

Sirina Little

Clara Masci

Brittany Wiessner

Daniel Cline

Tam Lynn

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Bjarnar Hoskins

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Jamie McKnew

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Bubba LeDuc

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Troy Warner

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Travis Cohenour

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Jennifer Hert

Kathryn Kersh

Tyler Clark

Alissa Van den brand

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Mckenzie Candalot

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Gary & Nancy Hanson

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Joshua Taylor

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Rebecca Yelich

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Melody Smith Bishop

Lauren Ásleif Buhr

Benjamin Pullen 

Sarah Jane McGahan 

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Montana Richardson 

Panda Card-Jones 

Sharon Boucher 

Caden Hjelseth 

David Heaton 

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Alexandria Strong 

Christina H. 

Donna Lee Owens 

Charles R. Golay

Tim Ownes 

Kailey Rait 

Rick Franklin 

Rikård F. 

Travis Jann 

Jens Nielsen 

Brook D. 

Lewis S. 

William Mastromattei 

Kevin Layton 

Faith Tais Yanez 

Dustin Arritt 

Brittany Croom-Bassett 

Allyson Lee 

Ethan Reid 

John Curtis 

Hayne Pearish 

Aunda Edwards 

Gordon Vail 

Van W. McQueen 

Myka Park 

Brandon Martin 

Mark Blowers 

Brad McPherson 

Ragnar Ulfrson 

Timothy Hally 

Miika Spray 

Rodney McCollum

Mike Hugel 

Eir Hauk 


Erin M. 

Laura Talbot

Chuck Connors 

 Waylan Golay 

Sage Nelson

Robert Fair

Nicholas Hurst

Richard Grant Kleinhans

Ross Warren

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David Redus

Roland Schmidt

Andy Kell

Chris Kadish

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Anthony Kron

Mikki Nolan

Hannah Foster

Julia O.

Jessica Y.

Shari T.

Nathan E. Munson

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Kevin McClean

Brandi Rowell

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Josh W.

Anthony Barbarino

Tatiana Lezama

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Diana B.

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Aron Kruchoski

Duncan Brennan

Louis Levesque

Emily Stonehouse

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Rick Melson

Bára Halldórsdóttir

Mason Hart

Derek L.

Earl DeMaris

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Wolfy Kirshman

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Megan Adamson

Trevor Michaelson Wood

Brandi Randall-Keller

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Christopher Creel

Jacob Faulkner

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Cory Sweet

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Scott Underwood

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Adam Corey

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Bence Pásztor

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Leah Pelley

Zachary Anthony

Denise Kyer

Fergus Hamilton

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Sherri Dennis

Hannah Foster

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Adalheid Rosenthal

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Tamara Ridsdale

Louis Zolotor

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Paul Boyll

Barbara Edwards

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