Are we Vikings?

November 4, 2016

#Heathenry and #Asatru are expressions of the ancient belief system of the European peoples, specifically those of Northern Europe.

We are not "Vikings", the vikings were not a people, or a culture, but a small minority of pirates and raiders, explorers and warriors. They were not a people, they did not have a culture, anyone could be a "viking".

The word "Vik", means to raid, to go "A Vik Ing" is to go raiding. The Norse peoples would never have heard of the word "Viking" they were Danes, and Norwegians, Swedes, and Geats, Slavs, and the Rus.

Our ancestors, collectively, were not "vikings" sure, some, and many of them even were, but that was not how they identified, or the culture group they belonged. to.

And especially YOU are NOT a VIKING.

You are a Pagan, a Heathen, be damned proud of it. But please, stop calling yourself a Viking, it gives a bad stigma to Heathens everywhere.

Vikings were blood thirsty pirates and raiders, not a culture, and people to honor and learn from.

We are not Vikings.




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