Big Changes!

August 1, 2018



The Asatru Community is dedicated to facilitating a nurturing, supportive environment for its members. We aim to serve heathens in such a way to bring heathenry into the modern world. With that purpose in mind, we have elected to make several changes to the board of The Asatru Community:  


The Tribunal has created a special position to oversee what is honorable, ethical and lawful within the community. This position, High Drighten, will be filled by the former Vice President, Vincent Panell. His continued service to the community is much appreciated. 


Stepping into the role of Vice President will be Sage Nelson, former Director of The Ambassador Program. Her service to the community has been exceptional, and we will no doubt see more of her perseverance and dedication as Vice President of The Asatru Community. Her continued service to the community is much appreciated. 


As Sage Nelson has moved up into a new position, Topher Henry has been nominated to step into her former role as Director of the Ambassador Program.  His background in Human Resources and management/development will prove useful for his new position as Director of the Ambassador Program. His continued service to the community is also much appreciated. 


Judia Krakowski has been nominated to replace Topher Henry as the Director of Public Relations. She has demonstrated exceptional skill as the Manager of the Media Creation Team and through her commitment to The Asatru Community. Her continued service to the community is much appreciated. 


Jonathan McCoy has been nominated to replace Judia Krakowski as Manager of the Media Creation Team. His background in visual and performing arts will prove useful for his new position. The dedication and perseverance he's demonstrated as the Ambassador of Louisiana will serve him well as manager of the Media Creation Team. Jonathan will also continue to serve as the Louisiana Ambassador of the Asatru Community.  


Please bear with them as they transition to their new roles.  

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