Do you want to be a TAC Ambassador?

There are a few things you need to know…

*Update: You must be a Charter Member for a minimum of 90 Days and must have access to a computer and a Facebook account.*


1. It’s not just a title:

With the title of Ambassador do come some perks, but also responsibilities! You are the official TAC representative in your area. You are the face of this community to your fellow local heathens, pagans, and those who have never heard of Ásatrú. We expect you to behave according to the TAC Code of Conduct (C.O.C.) and with respect.


Here is the Ambassador Program (AP) Mission Statement:

The Ambassador Program is a plan to help build community with the members of TAC. Ambassadors will be the public face of TAC in their area. It is the Ambassador’s responsibility to build a network of Heathens in their area and conduct events that will allow solitary practitioners of the Ásatrú path to be part of a group or Kindred. The Ambassador Program will be headed by the Director of the Ambassador Program who is a board member of TAC.



2. What are my responsiblities as an Ambassador?

We expect each Ambassador to hold at least 1 TAC sponsored event per quarter (every 3 months). This can be an introductory meeting, a blot, a sumbal, a study group, etc. Online events do count as an event! These can be chats that involve TAC and/or Ásatrú related topics.

Furthermore, you will have to turn in one monthly report (a simple paragraph via email, nothing fancy) regarding any activities, events or get togethers you plan on holding in your area so the Director of the Ambassador Program has an idea of how you’re doing overall. Once you do hold an event, there is a special event report you need to fill out on the TAC website portion to give us an idea of how your event went (an Event form will count as a monthly individual report).



3. Do I get any perks as part of the Ambassador Program for doing all this stuff for TAC on my free time?

Yes. You get the Board of Directors’ undying gratitude. You also get to be part of our super cool Ambassador Program secret group. This is an Ambassador only group where we get to bounce ideas around, discuss events, and support our fellow Ambassadors as we help TAC grow beyond social media.  You also are able to join the Clergy training program for half price, as an Ambassador! ..and of course, you get the exciting title of TAC Ambassador!



4. Ok, Cool! I’m up for the challenge! What do I do now?

You can find the application to become an Ambassador right here:

After applying, please give us a 1-2 week time period to notify you of your application status. If you are accepted, you will find yourself added to the wonderful chat and secret group of the TAC Ambassadors in Microsoft Teams, and we will go from there!



5. Wait a minute… Who do I hear from about this? Who do I ask questions about my role, as well as any bumps that may come along the way?

 Your go-to person is Hyde Addams; the Director of the Ambassador Program, you can reach them at:


You can email Hyde with questions, suggestions and ideas at any point in time! They are also available on Microsoft Teams via the Ambassador Chat and Group (once you’ve been accepted).

Feel free to email them with any further questions prior to applying for the Ambassador Program!

Hail, and thank you for considering joining the Ambassador Program!