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The Asatru Community Inc. Social Network Codes of Conduct


The Codes of Conduct hereby stated, or the rules in which The Asatru Community Inc. and all of her members must abide by to retain membership within our various social networks. These Codes of Conduct will hereby be referred to as C.O.C or COC. These COC may be added to or changed at any time by discretion of The Board. Any violation of one or more of these COC, on a three-strike system, will result in removal.


1. Zero-Tolerance Policy on discrimination of any kind toward any group, party, or individual.

2. Zero-Tolerance Policy on Cyber Bullying and Cyber Stalking.


3. The blocking of an admin will result in being banned.


4. Topics only pertaining to the wide breath of heathenry.


5. No 14/88 or racist discussions or topics of any kind.


6. All group links must have admin permission.


7. All advertisements must be done on the designated advertisement days and be relevant.


8. No posting of screen shots from within TAC, into another group or with an individual outside of TAC, without permission.


9. No pictures may be posted showing the use of drugs, distasteful nudity, or explicit violence.


10. We take sexual harassment very seriously. Zero tolerance.


11. Everyone’s ideas are valid, and to be respected and not put down.


12. UPG is to be presented as such, not as fact.


13. There is no “right way” to do something in TAC. Everyone’s method, save extreme situations, is valid.


14. Multiple pictures should be posted within their own album; feel free to create one.


15. Personal conflicts should remain personal and not within our groups' comment sections for all to see. Take it to private message.


16. Profanity should be kept to a *minimum.* We realize we're all adults, and strong language is sometimes useful. However, it should be kept to a minimum to the admins' discretion.


17. No personal information should be made public aside from your own, up to your discretion.


18. Sexual topics should be kept clean and tasteful within the confines on Norse practices and cultural history. Please, there are families.

19. No PDFs, documents, or other written content should be shared without express permission from the owner. 



Banned Topics:


1. Politics not relating directly to heathenry in some way.


2. Racial discussions that support the idea that not all peoples are equal.


3. We are not a rant board; please do not just rant about your day. Please stay relevant.

4. Anything pertaining to any illegal activities, so told in the state laws of Indiana. where TAC is incorporated.

The Asatru Community Official Stance on Racism, Hate, & Internet Violations of Human Rights


This statement will be added as an addendum to our By-Laws.

"TAC does not endorse or tolerate white supremacy, racism, or hate in any form against any person or group of people. To that end, we will not now, or in the future, be admitting into membership or ordaining anyone who is found to be a current or former member of a racist group or organization. Should we discover any individual(s) who have misrepresented themselves in order to subvert membership, entrance into any of our programs, or ordination process, we will remove them immediately upon discovery, and a thorough investigation will be conducted if the Board of Directors finds it warranted. This includes but is not limited to hiding an arrest history or convictions, federal charges or convictions, past or present hate group affiliation. This extends not only to our members but to our board members, as well. Threats against, persecution without proof or evidence, hate campaigns against a charter member, a board member, or against our organization will not be tolerated. This statement also covers social media behaviors and conduct. We will not tolerate harassment of our charter members, threats, cyber stalking, and/or cyber bullying."

November 7, 2018

The Board of Directors

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