South Africa
Brad McMahon 
South Africa

My name is Bradley McMahon, but most my Kin know me as Brad Ensamvarg. I am a practicing Vitki, a Teutonic Mage, a practitioner of Galdr, and a binder of runes. 
I follow the old ways and stay true to my ancestral heritages. Both of Land and Blood. I am of Northern decent but am born and breed in Africa. And hence I honor not only the Gods of the North, but also the Spirits of the Land of my birth, South Africa.
This has not always been my path. I was brought up in a Charismatic Christian household by my awesome parents, and for most my younger years was a practicing Christian. It has taken some time for me to find my heart, and follow my Wyrd, and the path that feels right.
I am a psychic intuitive, and use the gifts given to me to work with those who cross my path. My approach is both spiritual, and practical. I also practice as a Transformation Life Coach, and Soul Purpose Coach, running workshops on rediscovering ones Soul Purpose.
We are on this planet, living this life, in this lifetime. And as much as this is a spiritual journey, we also interact on a day to day basis in the physical. We are Body, Soul (Mind) and Spirit. And when we learn that we are all these things, that is when we start to accept ourselves for who we are, and that is when we can work from within, to affect our world around us, rather than let the world around us affect us within.

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