Southern States East

Dennis Oglesby.png

Dennis Oglesby
Vice President
Sanford, NC.

Hello everyone, I am Dennis "Jorvik" Oglesby. I'm a 50 y/o husband of a spectacular wife, father of four and a grandfather to two girls that keep me young! I spent nearly 30 years of my life in the Army Special Forces, retiring in 2012 as a CW4. Through my world travels, I have seen and been through a lot, both good and bad. I enjoy serving my community and bettering this world for our children.

I was taught about the Norse God's at an early age by my father growing up as a kid in Oklahoma. He spoke of Thor and Odin to me many times and taught me that nature is our "church". My travels with the military put me in touch with a variety of religions around the world and broadened my beliefs. I travelled to Scandinavia many times and was exposed to the old Norse beliefs. I was never really a "religious" person but always considered myself very spiritual and connected with the old ways and Gods. I have traced my family tree ( and DNA) back to Germanic foundations via York (Yorvik) England, Ireland and Norway.

I studied world religions at Regis University where I received my B.A.  My studies also led me to Ásatrú and eventually brought me back to the old Gods in 2005. I've been a practicing Ásatrúar since 2012 and was initially disappointed with the Ásatrú community for all the hatred and bigotry that exists. I want to be part of something greater and more grounded in the old ways of my ancestors. 

I found TAC and followed it sometime before committing. I look forward to the opportunity to serve in TAC and to meeting as many of you as possible to connect and start lasting kinships. 


Jozef Walters

Camp Lejeune, NC.

My name is Jozef Walters, I'm 28, I currently live in Camp Lejeune, NC with my wife and 2 sons. I have been active duty in the Marine Corps for the last 10 years, and in my free time I enjoy reading, D&D, painting, and video games.
I first became interested in Heathenry back in 2016 when a DNA test showed that my family had some Scandinavian in us that we didn't know about, and I started reading as much history and lore as I could find to learn more about this previously unknown chapter of my family history. This is how I found the Eddas and the Havamal and I felt drawn to the stories and the beliefs. Over the years I felt more drawn to the religion, and I've been practicing Asatru for about a year now.
I've been a charter member since about April of this year, and I look forward to serving the community that has been so welcoming to me and trying to build that community up in my own area.

Thomas Clark

Jacksonville, NC.

Hail! I live in Jacksonville NC with my wife of 25 years and 3 children. I have been following the old ways for about 7 years and practicing Asatru for about 2 years. I am looking forward to building a community in and around my area.  I am also looking forward to learning and walking this path with all of you.

Dave Nix.jpg

David Nix
Director of Military Affairs and Lead Military Ambassador

Hope Mills, NC.

Hello all, my name is David Nix. I am Active duty U.S. Army E-7 with 13 and a half years of service as of April of 2019. I am a husband of 11 years and father to one beautiful daughter and handsome little boy. I was raised in a Christian home, but never felt like it was me. When I was in high school, I discovered the New Age section in the local book store and started on the adventure that was Runes and Wicca/Pagan. I felt more at home, but still didn’t feel quite right. I still have my first set of runes from the early 2002. I joined the Army in 2005 and deployed to Iraq in 2006. As anyone who has ever been to war can tell you, it changes you. I tried to be normal during that time and gave being a Catholic a try. Needless to say, that wasn’t for me. After this, I started back down the road of learning and started on the road I would later learn as Asatru. I continued down this road quietly and kept to myself. I struggled with depression and anxiety due to work and family. After getting tired of being miserable, I decided to put my family and my faith first. I requested a religious accommodation and needless to say this put me on a highway for the Community, not just a path. Shortly following this decision, I encountered other practitioners who, like me, felt like Fort Bragg needed an Asatru community that was in accordance with Army EO policies; because no one likes meeting a group only to learn that they are racist or sexist. We have been on an amazing journey since then. I look forward to serving the community as the Lead Military Ambassador. 

Jordan D Honken

Richlands, NC.

Hello, my name is Jordan Honken.  I am 27 years old and married to my best friend with 3 crazy but amazing kids. I grew up in Minnesota to a traditionally roman catholic family, even attended a Catholic Private school. Like most of us, this path that was shoved down my throat just never felt right to me. I was first introduced to pagan beliefs by my mother, who was also a rebel, in the form of wiccan practices and earth magic. I spent most of my life identifying as a agnostic or atheist, although now I truly see my folly in those beliefs. Upon reaching adulthood I joined the Marine Corps and served Honorably for 4 years. After which I began my career in law enforcement as a correctional officer which I have been continuing for the last 5 years here in North Carolina. I began my Heathen journey roughly 2 years ago by buying books and other things from a local pagan shop. I became a charter member just over a year ago and have been a practicing Heathen for that same amount of time.