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Sumarsdag Blot

Godi holds the ceremonial hammer and opens the circle with the traditional blessing:


In the Elhaz position standing facing North the Godi speaks:

Hammer to the North, hold and hallow this holy stead.


Godi faces East and speaks:

Hammer to the East, hold and hallow this holy stead.


Godi faces South and speaks:

Hammer to the South, hold and hallow this holy stead.


Godi faces West and speaks:

Hammer to the West, hold and hallow this holy stead.


Godi return to the North position and speaks:

In the name of Thor we call to the ancient Gods and Goddesses – all.  May this Hammer, symbol of Mjolnir and symbol of Thor, reaffirm the abundant strength and power of our Gods and of our people.  I consecrate this place of community and frith, banishing from it all impure influences.  May our minds in this consecrated place likewise be sanctified, as is our will to the just services of Odin, ancient god of our people.  As Heimdall guards the Bifrost, may this place be warded against all forces unharmonious to our purpose here this day.   Wights of the land, wherever we may be, give us your blessing this Sumarsdag.


Sacred Flame


The Godi lights candles




The Godi faces the altar, holding high with both hands a runestaff and recites:

In the name of Odin, Balder, Freyr and Thor, we kindle the fire of cleansing and creation, the first mystery and the final mercy.  Let flame be quickened by flame, that through darkness may we come to the light.  And may the holy flame of our faith people, which ever burns, grow again to bathe Midgard in its sacred radiance.

Hail our Gods!

Hail our People!
Hail Odin!


All respond:


Hail Odin!

Godi fills ceremonial horn with mead.  Holding mead horn in both hands, Godi raises it above his head and speaks:

Odin, God of Magic,

Possessor of knowledge,

Patron of song and poetry,

God of eloquence,

Hear us – Mighty Lord,

We invoke you

And raise a horn in your honor.


Godi passes mead horn around circle for each celebrant to partake thereof.  Godi continues to speak:


Odin, Sky Father,

Highest of the Gods in Asgard,

From Mimir’s well you drank

For knowledge and wisdom,

A clear vision within,

A clear vision without.

Lord of Life and Death,

On Yggdrasill

Which spans all worlds, all life,

You hung in self-sacrifice,

And learned the sacred mysteries,

That do pierce the veil of all creation.

Mysterious and powerful are the ancient runes –

That you grasped unto yourself

And penetrated their deepest depths.


Godi passes runes sunwise around the circle for each attendant to take on and reflect upon.  Godi continues:


The mead of inspiration you won,

And our inspiration comes from you.

May your cup be ever brimming for us to drink.

It is you, O Odin, who mastered the great knowledge.

Through your people it has been passed.

As a deep, deep knowing

Which calls to us

 And charges our spirit,


Let us hear this call and know you,

May the great ones of Asgard

Reside forever in our deepest essence –

And may we ever strive

To fulfill their image

Here on Midgard!


Godi passes bowl sunwise around the circle for each to return his or her rune and make a wish.  Godi raises a sword above his head and speaks:


Allfather Odin – it is you who has filled the hearts and minds of our heroes, that they are renowned by legend and deed for their unquenchable thirst for knowledge and exploration.  This is the fire which carried our ancestors to every part of the world, bearing the light of civilization.


Allfather Odin – may your sacred breath blow away the fog which now rests upon our people.  ‘Rouse them from their stupor.  May we heed creation’s laws and strive once more toward that immortal light of divine being.


Allfather Odin – grant us your inspiration, guide us and encourage us in our thoughts, words, and deeds.  As time moves onward and outward, ever shall w3e work toward a new heroic golden age.  Gods and Goddesses of Asgard, we give praise to you and the holy Norns who together weave our destiny.


Hail Odin!


All respond:


Hail Odin!



Attendant reads:

As in ancient times, every month of April we draw our attention to Sumarsdag.  In Iceland, Sumarsdag was the first day of summer.  For Asatruar today it is not so significant as we celebrate Summer Finding, May Day, and Midsummer.  April was traditionally a time of sacrifice to Odin for victory in the raiding and trading that began with the arrival of warm weather.  This rite is known as the Sigrblot.  We combine Sigrblot and Sumarsdag festivals for a single observance.




Another attendant anoints each celebrant with scented oil, pressing his thumb to the forehead of each celebrant, walking sunwise around the circle, and pronounces with each anointing:

I give you the blessings of the Norns.

May they guide you always.





Godi speaks:


Hear now thy rede and thy counsel…


Now, we honor mind and thought.

In mind there is growth and diminishment, both we must accept, yet fight against diminishment.  For it is truth that deeds start with a thought, and the power of thought is subtle, mysterious and potent.  It is for each one of us to strive to learn, to gain knowledge and use that knowledge to aid our families, our people and our faith.

If the mind decay, shall spirit soar?

Shall great deeds be done?

A better tool than good sense a man cannot carry.


Be proud of knowing and doing.

Drink deep from the horn of the Gods,

Taste the magic mead Odhroerir

Know beauty!

Cherish it – comprehend it!
guard it remorselessly!

Let your wisdom shine in these dark times.

Let it aid our people and confound our foe.

Study the runes, they will serve you always.

Open your spirit

And let the Gods abide within.


Attendant plays a drum cadence on sejdr drum.

Godi recites from the Havamal:


I know that I hung,

On a wind-rocked tree,

Nine whole nights,

With a spear wounded,

And to Odin offered,

Myself to myself;

On that tree, of which no one knows

From what root it springs


Bread no one gave me,

Nor a horn to drink,

Downward I peered,

To runes applied myself,

Wailing learnt them,

Then fell down hence.


Potent songs nine

From the famed son I learned

Of Bolthorn, Bestla’s sire,

And a draught obtained of the precious mead,

Drawn from Odhroerir.


Then I began to bear fruit

And to know many things,

To grow and well thrive:

Word by word

I sought our words,

Fact by fact

 I sought out facts.


Runes thou wilt find,

And explained characters,

Very large characters,

Very potent characters,

Which the great speakers depicted,

And the high powers formed,

And the powers’ prince graved:


Odin among the Aesir,

But among the Alfar,

Dain and Dvalin for the dwarfs,

Asvid for the Jotuns:  some I myself graved.


Drum cadence stops.

One drumbeat (boom) sounds for each line:


Knowest thou how to grave them?


Knowest thou how to expound them?


Knowest thou how to depict them?


Knowest thou how to prove them?


Knowest thou how to pray?


Knowest thou how to offer?


Knowest thou how to send?


Knowest thou how to consume?


Attendant rings altar bell nine times in five second intervals.  Godi speaks:


Like the winter sky,

The azure garbed,

And golden crowned,

The Gods of Valhalla

Sit enthroned.

Within the doorway,

Stands each noble Norn,

Together bearing

Date’s rune-written shield.

They made laws

And chose life

For the Children of Ages

And Wyrd of Men.




Attendant recites:


Odin! The morning mist of Midgard,

The silence of the trees,

The watching eyes of boar and bear,

And guardians of earth and air.

From raven’s nest and dragon lair,

Cry out:  Great Odin – Awake!

Awaken in my weary soul

The sky, the seed, the sun;

The hero I strive to be,

Hear us now, O High One!

Awaken in our weary world,

Enshrouded by night,

Your wisdom and your strength,

Awake – O Bearer of the Light!

Awaken, Great Odin

The honor we forsake

In glory and on majesty,

Mighty Odin – awake!




Godi turns toward altar and rings bell three times in five second intervals. 

Godi speaks:


Spirits of Asgard we thank you for your presence here in this circle.  We ask for your blessing and while you depart to your noble realm, we bid you hail and fair well.  I hereby release any Spirits that may have been imprisoned by this ceremony.  Depart now in peace to your abodes and habitations. The blót is now ended.