Welcome to Speaking of Frith!

The official Bi-Weekly Podcsat of The Asatru Community Inc. 


Hosted by High Drighten Jeddar Felix


Did you know that TAC has its own podcast? Speaking of Frith is a podcast literally for TAC, by TAC! Your friendly, mild-mannered High Drighten, Jeddar Felix, hosts this show with different guests each month, introducing what part of TAC they are part of.


If you would like to be a guest on Speaking of Frith and are a Charter Member, just send an email to our host Jeddar Felix at the above email address. Apply first, and get accepted! It's 100% free and takes only about ten minutes. We look forward to your application!

You can find the podcast on Podbean by clicking here, Speaking of Frith on Podbean.
Also available on iTunes here, Speaking of Frith on iTunes.
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