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Ideas on the afterlife very greatly from culture to culture, person to person. Here are some common Asatru beliefs, i hope that they will give you some insight and aid you in finding you own beliefs, whether they are the same as these, or different.

Reincarnation: Its believed that you can be reborn on earth, but the requirement is that you have to be reborn in your own family line. So basically if you name your son after your great grandfather, your son has a chance of inheriting your great grandfather’s soul. Chances of reincarnation are increased if you name the child after the deceased relative. Please note that because of this, it's taboo to name a child after a living relative, as its seen as wanting that person to die.





Helhiem: The Realm of Hella (in Niflhiem the world of ice and mist), or Hel. She’s the Goddess of the dead, and unlike the similarity in name to the Christian Hell, the realm of Hel is  a freezing underweorld, not eveil, merely a place of the dead, but these are for people who died of old age or sickness, it is not a place of punishment, but a place of rest and peace, like the original thought of catholic heaven.











Valhalla: Hall of the glorious slain, one of two places for warriors to go IF they were slain on the battle field. The other is the Hall of Frejya. Valhalla is considered the ultimate place to go since so few people can get there, and its only for warriors that were slain on the battlefield. This hall is a place for warriors to feast and battle in preparation for Ragnarok.










The Disir: This isn’t so much of a place, rather a state of being when you die, you choose to watch over your family, they usually live in the funeral barrows, where they can be worshiped and aid their families in return.








A God or Goddesses Hall: most gods and goddesses in heathenry have halls, and if you're particularly devoted and live your life in devotion to a certain deity (IE Thor, Frejya, Odin etc) you will go to their hall, and aid them and live with them.




Nastrond: Like the Christian hell, a place of unbelievable torment for all time, there is no chance of being freed if you go here, it is for the absolute worst of the worst, oath breakers, rapists, mass murderers. It is located on a shore of Helhiem in Niflhiem.








Aegir and Ran’s Hall: When you die at sea Ran catches you with her net, her 9 daughters (the waves) help her, she drags you down to her hall where you feast on sea food and sail the seas for all eternity, a pleasant place depending on your liking.



A Hallow or Grave Mound: Throughout the tales and sagas there are many mentions of deceased relatives, or various men and women's spirits being contained within thier grave or hallow, this is why many people were buried with many possessions and thigns that they would need in the afterlife. If the ancestors whom inhabit these barrows are not honored properly, then thier spirits could return in the vengful from of Draugr. 

The Afterlife

Folkvangr: The hall of Freyja, where half of those fallen in battle spend thier afterlife, Freyja gets first pick over Odin.

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