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The Divine

Arguments can be made as to what entities can and cannot be considered a god within Norse mythology, therefore we choose to refer to the total collective of these beings as "The Divine".

The term "divine" has many modern implications but we use it in the broadest literal sense of "of, from, or like God or a god."

The Æsir

The Æsir are the most widely known group of Norse Deities. This includes Odin, Thor, Tyr, and Frigg.

The Vanir 

Less is known of the Vanir than the Æsir. Major deities include: Nerthus, Frey, and Freya. 

The Jötnar

The Jötnar (giants), are primordial forces of chaos and nature. Their ranks include Loki, Jord, and Aegir. 


Norse Mythology has many different colorful beings inhabiting the many worlds. Including elves, trolls, Hugin and Munin, ect. 

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