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Traditional Blot



A circle is formed by the celebrants, standing or seated.  The Gothi stands before staller (alter) and rings bell nine times in five second intervals, then pausing for a minute of silence.

Blot begins with the Gothi performing hammer hallowing, walking sunwise, starting in the North, to East, South, and finally West.

In the Elhaz position standing facing North the Gothi speaks:

Hammer to the North, hold and hallow this holy stead.

Gothi faces East and speaks:

Hammer to the East, hold and hallow this holy stead.

Gothi faces South and speaks:

Hammer to the South, hold and hallow this holy stead.

Gothi faces West and speaks:

Hammer to the West, hold and hallow this holy stead.

Gothi return to the North position and speaks:

 In the name of Odin, we call to the ancient Gods and Goddesses – all.  May this Hammer, symbol of Mjolnir and symbol of Thor, reaffirm the abundant strength and power of our Gods and of our people.  I consecrate this place of community and frith, banishing from it all impure influences.  May our minds in this consecrated place likewise be sanctified, as is our will to the just services of Odin, ancient god of our people.  As Heimdall guards the Bifrost, may this place be warded against all forces unharmonious to our purpose here this day.   Wights of the land, wherever we may be, give us your blessing as we celebrate this day.


Sacred Fire

Gothi now lights candles



Gothi faces the alter, holding a horn of mead high with both hands and recites:

Odin! Great God of our people! Hear us this day, as we pay tribute to you and the High Gods of Asgard, Aesir and Vanir both.  Bestow upon us here in Midgard your strength, courage, and wisdom, that the knowledge may be clearly known.  Great Odin! Allfather! We gather before you now, as we kindle the cleansing and creative fire.  Let flame be quickened by flame, that through the darkness we may come to the light, imbued by the eternal mysteries.  Now does the cycle of thy great turning blend. Odin! Mighty sage! Sky-cloaked wanderer! Foster all that is good, ignite within us thy fire!  Through thy symbols eternal we summon thee now, in your wisdom and radiant counsel.


Blessings of the Gods and/or Goddesses

Gothi dips evergreen sprig into the horn of mead and sprinkles each individual in the circle on the chest in the X of the Gebo rune, in sunwise progression saying:

I give you the blessings of …

(chose an appropriate God or Goddess for this blessing)


First Reading

Gothi or an Attendant recites (or reads) aloud the nature and purpose of the given event.


Second Reading

Gothi or an Attendant recites (or reads) aloud an appropriate ritual poem or a segment of the Eddas or Havamal.



An Attendant walks around the circle, sunwise, holding out a blessing bowl containing the runes.  Each celebrant randomly picks a rune from the bowl as the Gothi says:

May this rune guide you and the Norns protect you.

Gothi anoints each celebrant with scented oil, pressing his thumb to the forehead of each celebrant, walking clockwise around the circle, and pronouncing with each anointing:

May the blessings of __________ be with you.

(chose any appropriate God or Goddess for this blessing)

Each individual then contemplates his or her chosen rune during the incantation that follows.



The incantation can be performed in individual group meditation or with everyone holding hands in a circle.  An appropriate cadence is marked with a repetitive drum beat.  The following is an example of an incantation to be read by the Gothi over the drumbeat:

I give honor to the lands of my Gods, ancient and good,

And the power that is within them –

I give honor to the winds of my Gods, ever fresh and new,

And the power that is within them –

I give honor to the warm sun of my Gods, ever giving of new life,

And the power that is within them –

I give honor to the seas, lakes, and rivers of my Gods,

And the power that is within them –

Oh Great Ones of High Valhalla, I give honor to thee,

For being with us here on Midgard.

May some of thy sacred presences remain within us as we leave,

And be ever near us, as well as with those who are our people.

To these do we hail!


With an accelerated drum roll, each Asatruar of the circle now comes forward individually to the staller (altar) and places his or her chosen rune back into the blessing bowl.

Gothi approaches staller (altar), hold blessing bowl with both hands over head and says:

Like the winter sky, in azure-garbed golden crown, the Gods of Valhalla sit enthroned.  Within the doorway stands each noble Norn, together bearing dates – rune written shield – they made the laws and chose life for our children of ages, and wyrd for men and women.

Place bowl back on staller (altar).



Holding a sword (or spear) with both hands overhead, the Gothi recites this petition:

In the mysterious journey through Midgard to our mortal fate we look to you, O High Gods of the Aesir and Vanir, as we find solace and wisdom in your guidance.  We ask you to be with us in times of struggle and aid us in battle with our enemies, as we are your people.  Divine in essence, noble in form, the excellence to which we strive.  Grant us, Odin, that we may earn our place with the Einherjar in Valhalla.  Assure us, Freya, our continuing prosperity and bountiful crops.  May the Norns weave the fellowship of our tribe ever stronger, eclipse all doubts and let our being soar through the flaming ring of Odin’s eye.



Gothi speaks:

Spirits of Asgard we thank you for your presence here in this circle.  We ask for your blessing and while you depart to your noble realm we bid you hail and fair well.  I hereby release any Spirits that may have been imprisoned by this ceremony.  Depart now in peace to your abodes and habitations.  The blót is now ended, let the sumbel begin.



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