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Emily Litvak
Military Ambassador
Ramstein, Germany.

I am an Active Duty SSgt (E-5) in the US Air Force and hit my 8 year mark in February 2020. I'm married with 4 cats and am currently stationed at Ramstein AFB, Germany until 2022.
I've so far spent my career overseas and have deployed twice to undisclosed locations in southwest Asia in 2014 and the middle east in 2017.
Like many, my family was Christian but for whatever reasons I was never christened/baptized. I found paganism in my "rebellious" teenage years but floated between different types until I joined the USAF in 2012.

It was then, in BMT one of the Circle leaders told me about Asatru. I spent the next few years reading and learning what I could from books, blogs, and people I came across before, for lack of a better word, experimenting. I finally knew where I fit in in the world; its been 7 years since that first encounter.
While deployed in 2017 I discovered TAC and knew I wanted to grow further in my faith and community.
I have previously been a Lay Leader and have worked with Chaplains across the globe; I hope that by becoming an Ambassador I can better assist my military and Asatru community.

Thank you for trusting in me and giving me this opportunity.
I look forward to working for and supporting TAC and its members.