Vidar, the silent one, is the son of Odin and the giantess Grid, or Gridr. 




He is the lord of vengeance, and a god of strength. Some even say he is as strong, or stronger than Thor, his brother. 


Odin, being who he is, is constantly preparing for Ragnarok, one of his way to prepare was to take care of his death, or at least what happens after it. What do I mean but this? Well, as we know Odin is fated to well, meet his fate at Ragnarok. He is to be killed, and consumed by the wolf spawn of Loki, Fenrir. But he will not be without his vengeance. His son, Vidar, moments after his father 

falls, will come and slay the giant wolf. But in a very interesting way.  


All through Vidar's life, he collects leather scraps from shoe 

makers, other humans, and anywhere he can find it. 

It is called "The Greatest Boot". With this boot, after his father 

dies, he will come up to the great wolf, place his foot, with the 

giant steel toed boot, on the bottom jaw of Fenrir, and rip him asunder. 

He will grab the top of Fenrir's jaw, and rip him apart. 

Kind of like King Kong with the T-Rex. After that, it is said that 

Vidar does survive Ragnarok and may become one of the "main" 

gods after the "twilight of the gods".  




This is about the extent of what we know about Vidar. He was born apparently, simple so Odin could have revenge after his death, so he went and found a mother for his son. Vidar is not mentioned much elsewhere except for his part in Ragnarok. Do you know more about the silent god? Then please share in the comments below! Thanks! 


Hail Vidar! 

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