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Welcome to TAC Video Central! Here you can find all of our videos (save those that are Charter Exclusive) right here! Enjoy! 

Heathen Hearth Fire: Featuring Matthew Ruger

Heathen Moments with Jeff Rudes

Shoemaker Halls by Bret Shoemaker:

The perfect reading list for the beggining Asatruar! 

What is a Blot?

Introduction to Rune Journals

How to make a Rune Set

Bret discusses Eigils Saga. 

Join Bret today and learn of the Saga of the Peoples of Vatnsdal.

Join Bret for his review of "The Pocket Havamal"

Join us today for a discussion on Rites within Asatru

Bret's review of Norhalla!

Join Bret for a discussion on Oaths, and what they mean. 

Join us for a great book review!

Bret delves into a very important topic; The Sumbel.

Introduction to the Runes

Join Bret for a Q&A as he answers your important questions! 

How to enter Valhalla 

Bret's Review on "Daily Asatru" by Bryan Wilton!  

Sit back, relax and let's talk about Labels in Asatru.

In this episode of Shoemaker's Hlls: Blessings

Interviews with TAC:



Seth's interview with Northern Runes Radio, 2015. 

Seth's interview with Northern Runes Radio, 2015. 

Bret's interview with Northern Runes Radio, 

Episode 1 - ATN Radio
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Awaken The North interviews TAC Chairman of the Board, Bret Shoemaker!

Introductions to Asatru:



What is Asatru? An introduction. 

A breif, powerpoint intro on the Norse Gods.

An introduction to the Runes of the North.