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Vili and Ve





Vili and Ve, also known as Honeir and Lodur, are both creator gods, and the brothers of Odin, together they form a triad. The three of

them share the same mother and father. The brothers father is Borr, son of Buri, and their mother is a giantess named Bestla. (See, even Odin is half giant, adding more to the idea of what is a "god"). Vili and Ve, after aiding Odin and their father in defeating the giant Ymir took apart his body and created the nine worlds with his corpse. The bones were smashed and grounded up becoming the rocks and sand, they used his hair to create trees and plants, his skull became

the dome of they sky. Odin Vili and Ve thus created the nine worlds, and that which was in it. Ok, I am getting a little to much into the creation myth right now, that shall be covered in a separate post, but just know there is a great deal more to it than that! 


Vili and Ve, after helping create the nine worlds went to the home that they created for themselves, Vanahiem. As Odin is to Asgard,

Vili and Ve are to Vanahiem. One day, Odin Vili and Ve were walking along their newly created beach, and came across two trees that were

washed up upon the shore, an Ash, and an Elm. Then the sons of Borr decided to do something with those trees that we should all be eternally

grateful for! They created us! Humanity! They crafted the two trees into what would be our future likeness, Vili gave the trees thinking and understanding, Ve gave the trees countenance, speech, hearing and sight. Then, Odin bestowed upon the trees the gift of life itself. So as you can see, they all created humanity, and their gifts are all very appreciated! 


Ymir is killed by the sons of Borr in this artwork by Lorenz Frølich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the rulers of the Vanir (possibly most things with Vili and Ve are cloudy, but this in particular, so take all of this with a grain of salt) it is unclear what role they may have played against their brother Odin, in the Aesir Vanir war.

Caption reads "Odin, Lodur, Hoenir skabe Ask og Embla". Hœnir, Lóðurr and Odin create Askr and Embla. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




May Vili and Ve watch over you and yours! 


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