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What is the Ambassador Program? 


What is the TAC Inc. Ambassador Program?


The Ambassador Program is a plan to help build community with the members of TAC Inc. 


Ambassadors will be the public face of TAC in their area. It is the Ambassador’s responsibility to build a network of Heathens in their area and conduct events that will allow solitary practitioners of the Asatru path to be part of a group or Kindred. 


The Ambassador Program will be headed by the Director of the Ambassador Program who is a board member of TAC.  An event is defined as the Ambassador and at least one other person gathering for a blot, ceremony, or meeting that is geared toward learning about our path and bringing Heathens closer together.  It is the goal of TAC that each Ambassador will hold at least one live event per quarter. 


Larger gatherings can be created between multiple Ambassadors’s so that a large community will grow and thrive.  Become an Ambassador and help us build our community! Charter Members who have been with us for 90 days or more are invited to apply for this program. Hail TAC and all its members!








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